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Living in Comparison

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I started out thinking I wanted to write about how much I dislike “Chick Lit” and “Chick Flicks”, but as I tried to find the right words to explain my feelings and to not offend people in the process I realized that the discussion I wanted to have was part of a greater issue. My dislike of reading what is commonly called “Chick Lit” or watching a movie that most would categorize as a “Chick Flick” comes from the perceived judgment from others that would come with an admission that I liked these things. I want to say upfront that…

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The New Me

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Normally, I am full of sarcasm towards coworkers and curse words directed at the stupids who can’t drive in Arizona. However, lately, I feel as though my mommy instincts have taken over. I am no longer quick to smack talk strangers, or eager to destroy someone who is doing me wrong. What’s wrong with me? Have I lost my spunk, or am I finally maturing? Perhaps I am past the point of no return. I am six and a half months pregnant and I’m totally in love with everything. My husband and I recently made the decision that I would…

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Doing Nothing

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My pastor recently did a sermon series on the importance of doing nothing – and the idea resonated with me. What does doing nothing entail? Well, it doesn’t actually mean doing nothing. It doesn’t mean ignoring what is wrong or failing to speak for what is right. It doesn’t mean not following through on your responsibilities. It doesn’t mean letting others down. Rather, doing nothing involves making and taking time for yourself. While doing nothing might seem passive – and in many ways it is – you can’t do nothing unless you schedule time to do so. Doing nothing requires…

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You Can’t Make This Shit Up

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Last weekend, I spent time with family I hadn’t seen in several months.  The stories were plentiful and, oh, so entertaining.  They produced the kind of laughs that left my abs feeling like I’d worked out and more than a few deep, unexpected snorts.  At one point, the narrator stopped and said, “No, I am 100% serious.  You can’t make this shit up.”  To which several others in the room vouched for her – both the story and the statement.  She finished by saying, “We’ve decided to make that this year’s motto because just when you think you’ve seen it…

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Time for a change

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Every month, I start to write this particular post. I keep asking myself to wait and see if my feelings change. And month after month, nothing has changed. I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna touch on the racial tensions in this world today. In recent times, there has been some obvious attention to black lives matter. It makes everyone get a little weird. Before I go on, I want to be sure no one is offended. My intentions are to provide my opinions and move along. Simply, to get it off my chest. I’m a bit of a bitch and…

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Words of Wisdom

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I have a board on Pinterest that I have called “Words of Wisdom” where I stash all of the quotes that inspire me. It is a treasure trove of ways to lead a life that I can love and be proud of. The only problem is that I pin things to this board and then more often than not forget about them. I started thinking about this because I had a slew of not so great days where I was down on myself and I could have used some of the advice that was tucked away waiting for me to…

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Pregnancy- As Explained By Mr. Perfect

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What it’s like being pregnant, written by Mr. Perfect himself, my husband. Prepare yourselves, ladies: The hardest part is not being able to drink my husband’s drinks. It just gives me so much pleasure to drink his beloved sodas. Now that I am pregnant, I can’t because I am not supposed to have caffeine when I’m pregnant. Speaking of things I can’t have, sushi. Something I used to have probably twice a week, now I can’t have it at all. Talk about weird feelings- How about having a human growing inside of your stomach? You go 26 years of your…

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No Ragrets

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Yesterday was my father’s birthday. He would have been 95 years old but he lived well for the 93 years he was on this planet. Today, my father-in-law, is going through the process of letting go of his well lived 90 years. Both of them, though, spent a great deal of time reviewing and reliving as many of their past experiences as they could remember – eager to tell their stories to all who would listen, anxious to impart the life lessons they learned along their journey. Yet, while each was/is reluctant to leave the vibrancy of living, both of…

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Dear Mr. Crab

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This is my life… Dear Mr. Crab, Someone once told me, more like introduced me, to the “crab in a bucket (barrel, basket, pot…)” theory.  If you think about a group of crabs crammed in a bucket, individually, they are all capable of climbing out – I mean they all have a set of pincers that can be used as a stronghold on just about anything.  But, when one gets close, the remainder of the crabs will recklessly grab, pinch, yank, and pull until that lone crab falls right back into the abyss, all while the others cheer…their goal, to…

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