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Date archive for: September 2015

Yes, I’m ThatChik.

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A few weeks ago, I started a conversation with my husband doing something that women just should not do: I compared myself to other women, other moms. I quizzed my poor husband about whether or not I am completely anti-social or inappropriate because I do not do some of the things that some other women do. Just how bad do I suck at being a woman, a mom? I am slow to befriend new people. Sure, I will participate in activities that support the schools or organizations in which my children participate but that doesn’t mean I am going to…

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The Dojo and the Douchebag

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I wanted to share this story that made me giggle (and cringe) when I picked the name, ChickNorris. This was at a time in my life when I first started to realize how much I suck at being a chick. Don’t judge…. Have you ever been set up on a blind date by a really good friend, only to realize you have no idea what the hell they were thinking?! Well, I was immediately offended when I was introduced to “Dan” who was a karate instructor and ran his own studio. What is the female to male term for a…

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Life Is Funny

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Life is funny. I’ve been debating what to write about for this post for the last two months. Should I write about all of the heterosexual couples of all ages that I’ve been third wheeling with? Should I write about the hilarity of the social contest that plays out on campus each day or the sulking art students that I share space with on a daily basis? Should I write about the middle-aged hipsters that I make coffee for each Friday? Or about how daunting it was to choose a username because I wanted a cool/hip name? It’s fun to…

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Precious Gift

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I am excited!  What should I do?  I have been given a gift.  A very rare and precious gift.  A night ALONE at home.  In 21 years of marriage and 5 kids, I have never been alone at home.  I’ve had nights when my husband is gone, when I have been gone, when kids are gone or some kind of combination, but NEVER alone at my own house. My husband has been gone off and on for the last three weeks with equipment on fires.  My soon to be 20 year old lives on his own and the other four…

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Fifty Shades of Brown

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My history of unsuccessful romantic weekend getaways all began four years ago when my boyfriend at the time was suckered into taking a work assignment in Akron, Ohio, or as I refer to it, the badlands (home of the hyenas in the Lion King). As our first trip together as a temporary long distance couple, you can imagine the brewed up excitement bursting at the seams between us and the extensive planning we had put into the perfect weekend reuniting us and ending our physical drought. While the male understanding of romance tends to be very basic, the female encompasses…

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You just want to be where everybody knows your name. I thought we had launched the kids into the new school year and we were off and running. Finally, some free time to myself. After a couple months of summer, and I love summer, but it’s always great to get the kids back into school and be able to hear myself think again. To go to yoga, take the dog on a walk, hell go to the bathroom by myself is a nice starter. So when my youngest daughter came home after 2 weeks of 6th grade at a new…

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Culling the Herd

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The friendships we have as women can really make or break a girl. When I was young, it was ingrained into me at a very young age that I was to be friends with EVERYONE. Being raised in a small town in the Midwest, everyone knew everyone AND all their business. (No joke…the stories I could tell over a few beers!) I took this lesson to heart. It wasn’t until I was in my forties and my “give a shit” meter shifted. I think with age and experiences, comes this realization that life is short and so you had better…

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Real Luxury

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  Real luxury is customization. – Lapo Elkann We are so blessed to have choices. There are so many areas of our lives that we can now customize. Whether it is your venti-non-fat-latte or your grilled chicken-hold the onions and croutons-add tomatoes and cucumbers salad. When we get our eyebrows or nails done, there isn’t just one way of having them, we have a plethora of options. I prefer a 90-minute, deep-tissue massage. My Pandora radio station is customized musical likes and dislikes. My car has custom add-ons based on what I need to feel comfortable in my car.  Even…

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not your average chix

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so where does a 44 year old, unmarried, childless chix start… well, for starters, my life isn’t as undesirable as a lot of people think it is. I may not have the ‘normal’ family that everyone dreams about while growing up, but I do have my perfect family, or maybe I should say families. the first family consists of my 3 awesome dogs, the occasional foster dog who will stay with me for any given length of time, loving parents, my 2 sisters, 5 kickass nephews and 1 adorable niece. my second family is my ‘road’ family. I’m one of…

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Public Schools Aren’t For Everyone

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“Public schools aren’t for everyone.” This is the statement I got when questioning why the pace of my son’s first grade class was so ramped up. My son is six. He has been alive on this earth for just six years. The amount of information and the pace in which it is being delivered is baffling to me. I was a teacher in public schools for eleven years. I loved it, and I was good at it. I used to look down my nose at the parents that moved their kids around from charter schools, to public schools, a dabble…

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