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Blurred Vision

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So I am just wondering…..If 2 men get married, how does anything get done around the house?

Who notices you are out of milk and runs to the store? Who notices that the laundry still needs to be folded & put away? Who notices the dog got sick on the rug and cleans it up? Do they have magic fairies that run around & take care of all of that for them?? They must because men just don’t seem to notice the same stuff that we do.  They have no problem sitting for hours while there are 10 different chores that need immediate attention.

Now I am not putting my wonderful hubby down in any way. He is a very loving, hard-working man and if I ask for his help he is right there to do it….but that’s the frustrating part…why do I have to ask him to do stuff in his own house that if I wasn’t around would still need to be done??

It’s not unlikely for me to work 12 – 14 hr days, and then be expected to cook our dinner when I get done… how is it still my responsibility to put together a “to do list” for items around the house?

How do a man not see the 2 huge baskets of laundry sitting on the floor waiting to be folded…which I haven’t done myself because ..oh wait….I’m cooking dinner while he “unwinds” on the coach.  Or how can he not realize the garbage needs to go out since he can’t fit anything more into it.  I don’t need a man to take the garbage out, I would do it myself, but wait….I’m still in the office while he is relaxing on the couch.

What’s super funny is I typically get up about 15 mins after my husband every morning.  We walk the same path to get from our bedroom to the kitchen to the fridge to the coffeemaker for the much needed cup-o-joe to get going in the morning.  How is it possible that only I notice along the way that one of the dogs has had an “accident” that needs to be immediately cleaned up……hmmmmm….baffling.

Now I did mention that he is willing to help if I just ask….so ask I did the other day.  I was cooking dinner & noticed that the towels I folded 2 nights ago still had not gotten put away….seeing my hubby relaxing on the couch (engrossed in a very important Clash of something or another) I took the chance to ask him “when he had a free minute could he put away the folded towels.”  He quickly jumped up eager to help….well as soon as he finished his very important battle in clash of titans? clash of clans? whatever – he eagerly helped without complaint and I happily went back to trying to get dinner on the table before 8:30 pm.

Well……here is where I went wrong, I did not give very specific directions when I asked and because of that, only part of the towels got put away.  See I had 2 piles, one folded bath towels and one basket of “rolled” beach towels that went in another location…..only the FOLDED towels got put away, however the beach towels remained in the basket.  I really need to learn to be more specific when I ask for help.

We had a very enlightening conversation the other day.  I was running late for work and looked down to see 1 of my precious puppies covered in mud.  Thought to myself, my wonderful hubby must not be aware she is so dirty – otherwise he surely would have wiped her down to protect our white couches…… So I look outside & sweetly call to my husband – “Sweetie, have you seen “Spot” (names have been changed to protect the innocent) and he says “Sure – she’s filthy – you can’t miss her”.  So I gently ask – “Were you going to clean her up?”…..Can anyone guess his response?

“Why? She is only going to get dirty again?”

Oh My ….. I need to find out where I get one of those Magical Fairies that help “men without women” keep their house clean……anyone know where I might find one??


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  1. C7

    LOL….your post is so accurate! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered if men see what’s going on around them and what needs to be done! Selective sight….
    You summarized it well!

    September 16, 2015

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