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Body Hair: Society’s Worst Nightmare

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I shave my legs, vulva, armpits, stomach, and sometimes my toe hair.  All because society tells me body hair is undesirable.  Commercials on TV, ads in magazines, even my friends tell me to shave.  Who started this hairless body movement and why the hell did they do it?

I started shaving my legs and pits at a young age, then my stomach, followed by my vulva, and eventually my toes.  It’s such a hassle and I wonder why I do it?  I can only find one answer to that question: to fit in.  But I can also find a million reasons not to.  Here are my top three:


Reason 1:   Cost.

Every time I go to buy a razor I just about cry.  10 bucks for one razor handle and two blade refills?  Unfortunately, you don’t want to buy the cheap razors because cheap razors=razor burn.  Then 5 weeks later you have to buy more blade refills which usually run around $15+.  I’m not going to do the math but that’s a decent amount of money each year that we could be spending on things we can enjoy, like clothes and food (cookies sound so good right now, by the way).  Waxing lasts longer, but SO EXPENSIVE.


Reason 2: Time and effort.

When I shave my legs, it’s a long process and it doesn’t even stay smooth for very long.  By the time I’m done, I’m 93% certain my hair has already grown back.  Ugh.  Shaving my vulva takes about 45 minutes, which is ridiculous but it’s the thing to do these days.  Every time I shave any part of my body, I’m guaranteed to miss at least a couple of patches of hair and, again, I question why I’m doing this torturous act.  Post-shaving naps are a must.



If a man (or woman, whatever floats your boat) can’t handle body hair, are they really worth your time?  HELL NO.  You are beautiful, body hair and all.  EMBRACE THAT SHIT, YO.


Love you with all of my heart,



P.S.  No Shave November is truly a thing.  Put down that razor, my friend.  But if you’re like me, I’ll also be participating in No Shave September, October, December, January, February, March, and April.  Feel free to join me. 😉

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  1. ChickNorris29

    Oh thank God! It’s pretty much a part time job trying not to be a hairy beast. I think shaving counts as a workout…….

    September 21, 2015

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