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not your average chix

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so where does a 44 year old, unmarried, childless chix start…

well, for starters, my life isn’t as undesirable as a lot of people think it is. I may not have the ‘normal’ family that everyone dreams about while growing up, but I do have my perfect family, or maybe I should say families.

the first family consists of my 3 awesome dogs, the occasional foster dog who will stay with me for any given length of time, loving parents, my 2 sisters, 5 kickass nephews and 1 adorable niece.

my second family is my ‘road’ family. I’m one of those weird people that travels for a living and actually really enjoys it, which some say is why I was single for so long…

but enough of that boring stuff. I’m sure you want to hear ALL about my dogs! hahahaa 🙂

seriously tho… I really want to know why people think it’s such a bad thing to be unwed, single and childless at 44. there must be something wrong with me, right? some people have even commented to me that my life must be ‘useless’ and/or ‘unfulfilled’. yes, there was a time I dreamed of having kids and family of my own. but now, I can honestly say that I’m as happy as I’ve ever been! i’m even dating a really neat guy! (wahoo)

life is so much more to me than worrying about my marital status and how many kids I have… to me it’s about the moments, the adventures, and the people in my life.

party on awesome chix

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  1. 4chickachickaboom

    My life is similar to yours! My husband and I don’t have kids and look forward to traveling and enjoying each other uninterrupted for the rest of our lives or until one wants out. Everyone has their thoughts….only you know what is right for you! 🙂

    October 3, 2015

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