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Date archive for: September 2015

Quarter Life Crisis

Posted in ChickTwenty

A month before my 25th birthday, my husband nonchalantly comments, “Wow this is the last time you will be under a quarter-century!” Umm. Why. What would possess this man to make a comment like that?! What did I do to him to deserve such carelessness? Instantly, I begin dissecting every life choice I had ever made. What if I never quit piano when I was nine? Or volleyball at 17? Or modeling at 22? Where would I be? Did I marry the right person? What constitutes the “right person?” Is being close to 25 the reason I am starting to…

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The Change

Posted in SpartyChick19

No, I’m not referencing that fun time for women where the temperature is never low enough. Personally, I can’t bring any experience to that type of change yet, but will probably hope someone writes an article about that at some point. I want to talk about the changes of family and career that most of us make over the course of life. You see, I just went through one of the most impactful changes in my life, Retirement! Yes, after 25 years at an amazing company I decided the timing was right at 48 yo to take a new path.…

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Come As You Are

Posted in FreedomChik18

We both had swollen eyes still glistening in grief as I walked into the coffee shop that morning. My feet felt as heavy as my heart. She moved her arms around my waist with an effort that seemed to consume what little energy she had left, planted her head against my chest, and whimpered out, “My Mom is gone.” My heart arrested. Each sob against my chest felt like defibrillator pads being charged with a higher frequency of electricity, delivering shocks against my heart’s wall to convert it from this dying, quivering rhythm, into a normal one. I stood, waiting…

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Body Hair: Society’s Worst Nightmare

Posted in frickachik17

I shave my legs, vulva, armpits, stomach, and sometimes my toe hair.  All because society tells me body hair is undesirable.  Commercials on TV, ads in magazines, even my friends tell me to shave.  Who started this hairless body movement and why the hell did they do it? I started shaving my legs and pits at a young age, then my stomach, followed by my vulva, and eventually my toes.  It’s such a hassle and I wonder why I do it?  I can only find one answer to that question: to fit in.  But I can also find a million…

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Blurred Vision

Posted in ChixC16

So I am just wondering…..If 2 men get married, how does anything get done around the house? Who notices you are out of milk and runs to the store? Who notices that the laundry still needs to be folded & put away? Who notices the dog got sick on the rug and cleans it up? Do they have magic fairies that run around & take care of all of that for them?? They must because men just don’t seem to notice the same stuff that we do.  They have no problem sitting for hours while there are 10 different chores…

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The Volume Knob

Posted in chick'nmiddle15

I have made myself a volume knob. It is invisible and only for me, but every time I use it, I feel infinitely better. In my mind I can turn down the too-loud talker, the obnoxious music, the co-workers droning on about nothing at all. Just a moment’s peace where I don’t have to pretend that I’m interested, come up with a clever answer or that the noise of life is not drilling a hole in my head. Sometimes I actually find myself with my hand in the air, turning the knob all the way to the left and basking…

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Hey Ya

Posted in ladychick14

So lately I’ve been experiencing some feelings of self doubt and questioning every single decision I have ever made and those that I didn’t make. Being an artist and a musician I find solace in my music and tend listen to songs that apply exactly to my feelings. Lately I have been listening to a gorgeous, acoustic version of outkast’s hey ya and it sends chills up and down my arms and blasts a lightning bolt right through my chest. So what does this have to do with anything? Ok, here’s the deal. Recently I lost a very significant amount…

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“It’s against my religion to suck.”

Posted in luckychik13

When justachik1 first mentioned her idea for this blog I was both intrigued and offended. The idea that I suck at being a woman, at being a human being, was anathema to me. After all, I am my mother’s perfect child. But seriously, I readily admit to being imperfect. By society’s norms, I have spent the majority of my life in an ‘imperfect’ state. The reality is I am a plus-sized woman in a size zero world. I am also a perpetually single woman in a society designed for couples. However, despite my alleged imperfections, I choose to live as…

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Lost in Translation

Posted in Chika12

Recently, while walking in the woods, I was asked if I was looking forward to going home, after having spent a deliciously cool month enjoying the fresh air and peaceful scenery away from the heat and noise of a large metropolis. The question gave me pause for two reasons: first because who in their right mind would want to go back to the heat and noise of a big city? And, why do I live in a big, hot city in the middle of a desert in the first place? But, secondly, even though I’ve lived in this place for…

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Posted in chik11

Imogene Pass Run…what the hell is that and why would someone choose to do it? I set out to do my first Imogene Pass Run in 2001.  We had just moved back to Flagstaff and I used to be a river runner in the Grand Canyon as well as an experienced hiker – so who can’t hike 17 miles up and over a pass?  The Imogene  race begins in Ouray, CO at elevation 7810 ft. and ends in Telluride, CO at elevation 8750 ft.  Only a slight difference of 940 ft elevation change.  It can’t be that bad.  But try…

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