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She’s at that age

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Do you know September is menopause awareness? No?

Do you know that 2015 is not the first menopause awareness month?  2004 that was the first menopause awareness month.

The FDA implemented a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the benefits and risks of hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms, so was born Menopause Awareness Month. Unlike October, which is breast cancer awareness month, or November America Diabetes month, there are no fun runs, no Step Out Walks. For the 37.5 million women who are suffering menopause, the highlight of this month is visiting menopause awareness month web page and showing your support by “contributing stories”.

My question I guess is why? Why not more?

The FDA estimate that 37.5 million woman are suffering through this unavoidable life stage. “She’s at that age” “It’s the change you know” it’s almost like we are going through this alone, no one really talks about it, we don’t have the support of a huge campaign or media coverage nothing just millions of women silently suffering.

So why am I getting my knickers in a twist then? You’ve guessed it, I’m at that age.

As if the hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and sleepless nights were not enough reason to be “moody”, this stage could last till I’m 60, yes 60! I don’t know if I’ll make it! I need a good night’s sleep. I mean 8hours sleep is overrated, right, I can cope with 3. Then there are the other possible menopause symptoms, apparently there are 34 of them, just google it. These include incontinence, always cross my legs when i sneeze or laugh. Memory loss, keep a pen and paper handy. Weight gain, no cakes or candies for me. And then there’s change in odor, as if it wasn’t bad enough that my face regularly looks like I’ve just spent 3 hours in a Zumba class now I’m gonna smell like it. That’s one more thought to eat into my 3 hours.

Looking at all the possible symptoms I guess I’m not doing too bad, it could be a lot worse. Thankfully no change in body odor, so far. For me the sleepless nights are the hardest to cope with, but the most embarrassing are the hot flashes. The volcano the starts churning deep down in the pit of my belly and erupts through my face for the world to see. I’ve stopped wearing makeup, it almost drips off my face at times during the day. Someone should make menopause proof foundation 37.5 million women need it. Makeup that will make you look like you are cool, calm, and collected when what you actually want to do is rip all your clothes off and jump into the nearest fridge.

But is it all bad? No more worries about unexpected pregnancies. Think of the money I’ll save on period necessities, tampons, pads, pain killers, and birth control. Now it can spend my savings on peek-a-boo undies, and sexy “bedroom” shoes. If my libido isn’t lost forever I might actually make use of, some day.

I have something to blame my lack of energy and memory on, I didn’t just forget, I couldn’t help it. All my sleepless nights can be put to good use, still trying to work out how. Though one night last week at 3 in the morning I did bake a cake, could be argued that was good use of my time, my friends and family thought it was.

Perhaps it’s time to embrace this stage of my life, and make some use of my sexy shoes and peek-a-boos. Keep the makeup off and just glow. After all I’m not suffering alone. I can slip into my sexy shoes, strut my stuff, around the bedroom, and be grateful I’m here to complain

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