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So I am sitting here in a panic attack trying to think of something interesting and funny to talk about. I completely feel inadequate to be doing this compared to all others in this group.

Since college, the only writing I have done is in emails asking for business or to provide an explanation on a technical datasheet! How boring is that! I really do need to take more time to actually write!

Oh but what TIME?!

I wish my life had more TIME!

I have to say though that I really do love my life. I am very happy and proud of whom I have become. By all means I am not perfect – far from that, but I have amazing health, a great husband, incredible kids and I think I am somewhat intelligent– ok I am NOT intelligent at all but the more “I think I am” the more “I am” right?! That is what all the self-help books tell me…

I love to read when I have TIME! There is a ton of information out there – how can I do it all?

I want to learn about cooking, about sewing (ok, not really but it does sound interesting), about how to use my cell phone better, about history, about nutrition, how to speak Japanese, how to do a French Braid so my daughter can have her hair cute like the other girls for soccer and on and on. You know the number one topic I want to learn about? I want to learn how to write well for short stories, articles and books.

Here I am writing and I do not remember anything I learned in college about how to write well and I don’t have any TIME to learn how to all over again! I remember my roommate, she could whip out a five page paper using a TYPEWRITER (did I just give away my generation?) in one evening and not even have to retype a page!!! I always had to handwrite my papers over and over and over and over until I thought the paper was written well enough to type. I would then go to the university library to type the paper over and over and over and over. Talk about TIME being sucked away! Oh my, how I love computers.

So, I keep bringing up TIME. “They” say that you make time for what you really want to do and that if you are not making time, then you really do not want to do it. I think I have done pretty well at organizing my TIME to include exercise, working for my company, cooking healthy dinners, working with my daughter on her school work and sports, “talking” with my husband (hubba hubba) and getting enough sleep.

The best TIME for me is the morning. I already get up at 4:30 – how much earlier can I get up to “add” to all the wonderful things I want to do and learn? I started at one point waking up at 3:30 – there wasn’t enough coffee but I did learn how to say thank you and good morning in Japanese!

TIME is very valuable. I wish that TIME could be purchased. Instead of 24 hours, you can buy 2 more hours to have 26. Doesn’t that make sense? Why can’t we? I know the world doesn’t work like that but wouldn’t having more time be awesome? Or maybe we can do what a famous wizard did in a famous series where she used a time turner so she could attend more classes. Where is Dumbledore when I need him?

However as I move through this life, I do know that what I fill my TIME with has changed over the years. Instead of jet setting off to Europe, I go to soccer games and instead of going out to eat, I cook at home for the family. Maybe “they” are right, I put what I want in my life that is really important to me and when a spot in my time opens up I add to it. This is nice to know as I meander through my existence. Maybe in the future my TIME will be able to add helping others and volunteering or I could buy a time turner…

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  1. Katie

    I think you remember enough about how to write that you don’t need to spend TIME relearning it. I enjoyed your piece and it made me smile. Thanks!

    September 13, 2015

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