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We are a two and a half dozen women who suck at being women.

It’s not that we don’t get it.  We do.  How could we not?  We are bombarded daily.

  • Style magazines tell us we suck at beauty and fashion as they point out we’re wearing last year’s color and our skin needs a good exfoliation.
  • Pinterest tells us we suck at design and organization as it mocks us with all the creative ideas and cool projects we will never have the time, motivation, or resources to complete.
  • Parenting experts (aka everyone) tells us we suck at motherhood as they advise us on mealtimes, screen times, bed times, and play time.
  • HGTV and The Food Network tell us we suck at meal planning and homemaking as they broadcast a series on every possible facet of the home.
  • Fifty Shades & Victoria’s Secret tell us we suck at sexiness as they highlight our vanilla-flavored sex lives and Not Very Sexy bras & underwear .
  • The workplace tells us we suck at business because we sometimes lead from our hearts and can’t work late because we don’t have a sitter.
  • Any number of critics tells us we suck at being stay-at-home moms because we did not volunteer to be room mom and brought store-bought cupcakes to the class party.
  • And no one needs to remind us how much we suck at taking care of ourselves. Exercise, relaxation, and self-reflection are distant luxuries most of us can’t afford.  We’re too busy failing at life.

So, yes, we get it.

We fully and completely recognize we are doing it wrong.  We know there’s a better way to do just about everything we do, but – We. Don’t.  Care.  It’s an unattainable ideal and, quite frankly, we’re tired.  So we do what we can, and usually – we just plain suck.  But you know what?  We’re learning to be OK with it – and we want you to be too.

Now it’s not that all of us suck at everything.  Each of us has our unique strengths.  There are those among us who are beautiful fashion icons in the making.  A few of us have homes Martha Stewart would envy and can cook meals Julia Child would approve.  Some could be legitimately awarded Mother of the Year on a perpetual basis.  A few have actually read her copy of The Kama Sutra.  We have six-figure earners, marathon runners, pseudo-Zen masters, artists and scientists.  We have PTO presidents and team moms. We have CEOs and business owners.  We have volunteers and mentors.  We have chicks who do amazing things.  In fact, collectively we are one badass Wonder Woman.

But individually, not one of us would be considered a Wonder Woman.  A more appropriate name would be Under Woman.

We are terribly flawed.

We pick through dirty laundry and Febreeze ourselves out the door.  We test the limits of dry shampoo. We only paint the toenails that show. We collect boxes of momentos & pictures that will never see the inside of a scrapbook. We have roomfuls of never-to-be-finished projects.  We eat take-out more than we should and let our kids stay up too late on school nights.  We give thanks for the Lunchables god. We have drawers of lingerie we’re too embarrassed or too tired to wear.  We use our treadmill as a clothing rack. We grow cultures in our refrigerators – and sometimes our sinks and toilets too.  We make important decisions based on emotion and a gut feeling.  We make New Year’s resolutions we never keep.

And, that’s just the beginning.

We fail more than we achieve. We are insecure and make unnecessary & inaccurate comparisons. We over-commit and then cuss ourselves when we under-deliver. We wear guilt like a garment.  We question and second guess everything. We cry more than we’d like and then smile to cover it up because nobody likes an overly emotional woman.

And, that’s still just scratching the surface.

We marry for the wrong reasons.  We have sex for the wrong reasons.  We divorce.  We cheat.  We lie.  We lose our tempers and yell.  We roll our eyes.  We drink too much.  We smoke.  We act irrationally. We are stubborn and unreasonable.  We give cold shoulders and silent treatments.  We’re passive.  We’re aggressive.  We’re passively aggressive.  We are jealous and petty.  We hold grudges.  We wish bad things upon our enemies.  We take everything personally.  And, we must always be right.

The list goes on and on, but the point is made.  We are a solid group of Under Women.  But, once again, it’s OK because – the way I see it – everyone likes rooting for the underdog.

So we’ve created this space as a place of refuge.  It’s a place to come together and be comfortable in our under-ness.  A place to be honest and accepted.   A place to cheer & be cheered for our victories and our failures.  It’s a place to just be – whatever your be is.  It’s a place to share and support and laugh.  Mostly, laugh – because the notion of Wonder Woman is humorous.  We are not Stepford Wives – nor do we want to be.  We are just thirty chicks living real lives in the real world and in need of a daily reality check.  This is it.  We invite you to join in our journey.  Like us, follow us, share us.  But, whatever you do, don’t judge us – ‘cuz ain’t none of us got time for that shit.


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  1. Jill Sietz
    Jill Sietz

    I agree with you! There’s a lot of high expectations on women!

    September 1, 2015
    • justachik1

      Unfortunately, we are responsible for creating a lot of them ourselves.

      September 2, 2015
  2. 1Rooster

    Good luck and congratulations!

    PS: This post didn’t suck.

    August 31, 2015

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