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Worth the Weight

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I have finally reached the weight on my driver’s license!!!

You know how it is…you get your driver’s license and figure you should weigh say…15 pounds less. So you go ahead and write that wishful weight down (it’s not like they make you step on a scale). The policeman that pulls you over for speeding will never know your true weight especially since you are sitting down. (Suck in your gut as he approaches the window. Relax as he goes back to his vehicle. Suck in again when he comes back.)

Weight – “never ask a woman her weight”. It is WAY TOO personal!

Don’t you hate it when your husband can lose weight just by not eating one meal? You exercise everyday but can’t see the dip on the scale. That’s when you realize it really is about what you eat.

I finally had to order one of those “lose 5 pounds the first week” programs (which really did work even with some cheating). They send you prepackaged food. Every meal I opened smelled somewhat like cat food. Any meat was spongy. Many “entrees” were tasty, but reading the labels made me realized they had very high salt content. Not too good for my blood pressure. But, more weight caused higher blood pressure. Well guess what? That company offered lower sodium content foods!! Of course they were out of stock of many foods I wanted to order the second month. The second month…you think you can do it because the first month is cheaper if you commit to a second month.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I realized that I could feel my ribs on the mattress. My rib padding was melting away. Now that my butt padding is fading, I get sore sitting down! Goodness, I won’t even mention my boobs.

But, I do have more energy. I have actually gone to bed AFTER the news instead of at the traditional 8:30 pm.

I’m not losing for a special occasion. After gaining 10 pounds in ten days because of steroids for a medical condition, I “saw the light” when the lights came on. Steroids left me famished. Only a half a bag of Lay’s made it home in seven minutes from the grocery store.

Good thing my closet has a variety of sizes. I would buy a small size anticipating weight loss. I counted seven blouses with the price tags still on from last year. Dare I try on one of these smaller sizes? That size 4 skirt fits. ( But I think the new four is really the old six.)

Hey – I’ve reached my driver’s license weight – TIME TO GET A NEW DRIVER’S LICENSE!!!

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  1. C7

    I agree, women’s closets are too crazy! But I did laugh about sucking in your stomach in the car! I didn’t even know you could suck in your stomach while sitting! Now I understand why I haven’t gotten out of any tickets!

    September 9, 2015
  2. ChickTwenty

    Forget “orange is the new black.” I will forever use “four is the old six.” Great job on the weight loss!

    September 8, 2015
  3. 1Rooster

    Wait a minute! I just discovered chicks buy clothes in sizes *other* than the one they fit now. That, at least partially, explains all the stuff in Justachik1’s closet.

    September 8, 2015
    • justachik1

      You only know the half of it. Within each of those various sizes are distinct subsets. There are certain jeans that won’t zip when I’m ovulating or some dresses I can’t wear because they only go with one pair of shoes and my feet are too bloated to squeeze into them today. It’s difficult to navigate our closets. So when we say we have nothing to wear…

      September 8, 2015

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