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Another Mother of the Year

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Well – I get M.O.Y yet again!!

I realize that I cannot be everywhere at the same time…but I should be.  Yesterday was one of those crazy days when all of my kids were going in totally different directions.  This is a regular occurrence in our house just given the ages – 9, 10, 15, 17, and 20…  One has a party, one is at a friends, one is working, one has senior pictures and the last one has a city league championship game to play.  All during the same time period.  Yay!

Ok – I can get the one to the party and arranged the drop off, the other has ridden his bike so no transportation needed there, the worker just got a license, (YIKES!)  I am with the senior picture kid and the game boy – well he has his own place so really all I have to do is show up and cheer – whew – I can do this.  In theory…

So a question might be, who can help?  Well, of course I have help – usually, but this particular evening, I am on my own.

I start off well organized and I know where, when and what and it should all go smoothly. Right.  Hmmm.

I get one to his party.  Good.  The other heads to work.  Great!  The one at a friends knows when to be home (and hopefully dad will be home by then) I am off with picture kid and game boy is on his own.  Yes!  This is going to go well!

Here comes the wrench in my spokes though- a friend who is going through a rough time and REALLY NEEDS a friend right now calls and wants to visit – I want to help so agree to meet later, because I know she needs me… all is still ok.

Picture kid and I arrive at meeting spot for pictures and wait.  And wait… – not a big deal really.  Pictures get going and we are doing well.  But now I am getting anxious and worried.  Did dad get home, did party kid get home, did the bike rider arrive safely, is worker still working and how is the game going that started 20 minutes ago (that I thought I would be at by now…) I start texting to relieve my worry.  Not working, since I can get no response…awesome!

Still taking pictures, worrying and trying not to freak out.  Finally a response.  That parent that was to take party kid home was late, but he made it home.  Bike kid made it home – dad is very late, but is on the way home. Whew!  Pictures are wrapping up. Game is going.  Worker is working. My friend is waiting.

Pictures are done.  I look at the time and realize the game is probably pretty much done too.   It is later than I had expected so I call my friend and we agree to meet.  All is ok – until about 10 minutes later when game boy calls and I can hear the disappointment that I didn’t make it to the game – Which they won!  League Champs!

He is gracious about my absence and understanding about the pictures, but I feel about a millimeter tall.  I let him down.  I wasn’t home when little guys got home – another let down (never mind dad was supposed to be there, I wasn’t and they were alone – for all of about 30 minutes….) So now I am with my friend and failing at being a good friend because I am distracted with worry about letting my kids down.

More distractions from being present with my friend…  Worker kid calls and wants to do something.  Picture boy calls and wants to do something. – After he puts others in bed ’cause dad is in bed already (he has to work in the wee hours of the morning.) My friend and I visit for a bit longer (I should be able to have friend time too – right??)  and finally head home.

I am tired and feeling like a winner all around.  Time to end the agony of the day and go to bed.  It will be a better day tomorrow.

The nice thing is  – waking up to a new day with new possibilities (and new opportunities for M.O.Y😉)


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  1. ChickNorris29

    Holy crap…..what a day! Mother of the year for sure, probably on any day 🙂

    October 27, 2015

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