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Attempted Murder in the Laundry Room

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My dryer tried to kill my favorite bra this morning.

Okay, it was probably yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t really start looking for it until six o’clock this morning when I was already running late and trying to get dressed. Which I couldn’t . . . because I didn’t have my favorite bra. You see, my husband does the laundry in our house every Sunday. Sounds good until you read the part about how he didn’t mention the fact that my bra was fatally wounded until early the next morning.  Actually, I take that back, he went to work and didn’t say anything about it at all.

So, like something out of a horror movie, I walked down the darkened hallway to the laundry room and literally gasped when I saw my favorite bra lying lifeless on the dryer with about 4 inches of the underwire stabbing up through the band like a dagger! I was momentarily stunned and staggered back out of the room, searching left and right for someone to help me.

Let me explain – this was not just my favorite, it was the one I got at The Rack in the closeout section, never to be found again for any amount of money. Get the seriousness of the situation now?!

Knowing that I had to save it, my first irrational thought was duct tape. That fixes everything, right? My concern was not about how stupid an idea that was, but only that when I sweated the tape would get sticky and be uncomfortable. Second thought was, just wear another bra – quickly discounted that one as another stupid idea. Third and final thought was the best one yet, I could sew it up. I took Home Economics in junior high, I could do this! Another ten minutes wasted looking for a sewing kit and trying to thread a needle – when did I stop being able to see well enough to do that?

Ready at last, I shoved the dagger wire back down into place and held the hole closed with my fingers as I began to stitch up my friend. Little by little my breathing started to return to normal as I saw that it was working. Whew, major crisis averted.

So now, as I write this I am planning a long overdue trip back to The Rack to try to catch lightning in a bottle and find another favorite bra. I don’t hold out a lot of hope, but you’ve got to try, right?

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  1. luckychix22

    this had me rolling! why is it that we will wear that bra til it literally falls apart? i am in need of a new favorite bra, but i’m afraid of ‘cheating’ on my current fav

    October 18, 2015
    • justachik1

      For me, it’s not just bras. It’s favorite jeans and shoes too. I have shoes that have been glued, Sharpied, shoe doctored and sewed more times and for more money than they are worth. Not gonna give them up.

      October 18, 2015
  2. Chick#5

    I’ve used Ninja Turtle band-aids before to keep the wire in on my favorite bras…and to prevent it from poking me in the pit all day. Can totally relate!

    October 15, 2015

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