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Bah Humbug Halloween

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I dread Halloween!

Don’t get me wrong. I am all over the ridiculously large bags of candy that you can buy…for trick-o-treating, of course. I like the walking around, the sipping on an adult beverage, and the visiting of neighbors, as the kids run amuk in the neighborhood. I don’t even mind the fact that Halloween items are displayed in the stores at the end of August.

What kills me, year after year, are costumes and dressing up.

I have children who spend the six months prior to Halloween, if not a whole year, thinking and planning their costumes.  When my son was 4, after a great night of trick-o-treating and a belly full of candy, goes off to bed and announces, “Next year, I am going to be Batman and my daddy will be my Robin.”  Sure enough, the next Halloween the two went off as Batman and Robin.

You have to understand my children spend HOURS thinking and discussing their costumes, how they might look, how we (really me) might be able to make them, or how we as a family could all dress up. Blech!

I have never liked dressing up for Halloween. Not as a child, not as teenager, not now, not ever.

Therefore at Halloween, I have become a dasher of dreams, a fantasy squasher, a complete buzz kill, in my family. I don’t dress up for Halloween and the double whammy is I cannot sew.  The amount of energy I have spent feeling guilty about not being able to “make” the costumes my children dream up is fairly ridiculous.

Seriously, I know this!

Some of you may be sitting there saying, “Well, have the kids make their own dang costumes” and I have. Repeatedly.

The Halloween costume cycle always begins with the kids drawing their ideas or researching costumes on that dang Pinterest. (Side note, if you ever want to feel inadequate, peruse Pinterest costumes)  They then begin the building of the costume and inevitably it quickly ends up back into my lap, because the costumes are not how they “envisioned”. Sigh.

We will then spend time struggling back and forth, with me finally dragging them to the Halloween Spirit store to try and entice them into a store bought costume. This is how it happens year after year.

I have vowed to break the pattern and release the guilt. So, this year my daughter came to me in August, with her idea for what she wants to be for Halloween.  I do confess, I had a fleeting moment of “I could try to make this”.  I then went to Amazon and ordered the damn thing. Done. I then turned to my older child, bribed him with a large bag of candy not to dress up this year. Double Done.

Bah Humbug Halloween!

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  1. Anonymous

    You’re the BEST mom!

    November 11, 2015
  2. ChickNorris29

    Good for you. I gave up when I tried Pinterest cupcakes…….Damn you Pinterest!!

    October 27, 2015
  3. Anonymous

    Oh the costume planning, what ever happened to throwing something together the night before?!? I agree on the lack of desire to wear a costume! My solution is to find headbands (I have one with a giant purple spider and another with a miniature witches hat) and a halloween t shirt, that’s my official costume! Great writing!

    October 26, 2015

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