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Bucket List

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As a child, I had dreams. As a young adult, I had goals. Now that I am older, I have a bucket list.

One goal was to catch a hummingbird and pet it. Opportunity came knocking on my door (banging on my window) a couple of summers ago. That hummer flew into my window and knocked itself out. It was lying on the barbecue grill. I picked it up and put it in a paper bag. Five minutes later, it started fluttering. I gently placed my hand inside and I was able to hold it. I did pet it several times. Its poor little heart was beating a mile a minute. It gave a tiny squeal. I took a picture then released it and told it to watch out for windows!

In my area, we have tons of bicyclists. I’m not a pervert, but I have wanted to swat any male rider on the rear from my car. They have tight little bunsies in spandex. It wouldn’t be more than a tap. My husband even teases me when he is driving and will slow down, tempting me. With my luck, my elbow would hit the car window frame and I would break my arm. How would I explain that one?

I still want to swim with the dolphins. That is attainable.

The Northern Lights is a must-see! This is one of God’s gifts to us. I WILL see it. Although, I feel blessed to enjoy the sunset on my mountains outside my back window. I should be satisfied with that.

Even though I am afraid of heights, I recently went zip lining for the second time. It was exciting and made me feel young.

Other desires on my bucket list are:
 Take a piano class (again)
 Be able to identify birds and their names
 Eat lunch and drink wine outside a small Paris café
 Read War and Peace
 Take a yoga class
 Learn sign language (excluding the typical gestures I learned in middle school)
 Learn to crochet and actually make something
 Clean my closet
 Make my son a quilt
 Teach my daughter how to sew using a pattern
 Teach my future grandchildren how to play poker
 Help Habitat for Humanity build a home
 AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST— Be able to finish my monthly 30Chix post well before the deadline!!!

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