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I’m a Girl and Bleed Green

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Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I am a mom. Yes, I am a wife and many more important roles, depending on the day and hour, but this past Saturday afternoon all other roles were put aside for the BIG game. You see, before I was a wife, mother, high tech executive or more recently an owner of a pet rat, I was a Spartan! Yes, Michigan State University Spartan. I joke that my blood has run green since visiting the campus during my junior year of high school.

Saturday was the big, in state, rivalry game between my Michigan State Spartans and the Michigan Wolverines at Michigan Stadium. If you’re from Michigan, like myself, it is a rivalry that has lasted through the ages and in the past was most always an assumed Michigan win with an occasional MSU victory. But, the last almost 10 years have been great for MSU fans as we have won more than we’ve lost. We have been higher in the college football rankings than we have been in decades and time and time again, we have overcome the naysayers for a come from behind win.

I am not a sports writer, so I am not going to break down every detail of what happened in those final 10 seconds of the game, but if you are one of the few that didn’t see it on the news over the weekend, essentially, the Michigan punter didn’t get a clean snap of the ball, fumbled it in to the hands of a Michigan State player, who with hardly any time left on the clock, ran the ball in to the end zone for an MSU win. We had been behind for the whole game and then a football miracle occurred and mine and every other MSU fan around the country went absolutely crazy. Things like this do not typically happen for Spartan fans. They usually happen to us, but today was our day and we got the W.

So what were my takeaways from this incredible game?

1) Never give up!: I already had my nice Facebook note written about what a great game it was and we’ll get them next year at Spartan stadium. Luckily, I had not posted it! Instead, just posted a very self explanatory, OMG!!!

2) College football is still just a game: Unfortunately the Michigan punter who duffed the kick has received death threats and horrible jibes all over social media and people need to remember there was a whole game before that kick and many mistakes were made that could have made this kick a moot point. He is a kid doing his best, who made a mistake. He’s not even a multi million dollar paid professional athlete.

3) Yes, it is just a game, but: So glad we got to bring the Paul Bunyan trophy home for the 7th out of the last 8 years. Winning does matter and against the Wolverines, even more.

4) I live in Arizona: Sooooo, my kids don’t really get this amazing in state rivalry of two amazing schools and were not by my side watching the game, but my University of Arizona fan husband was and I love him for that.

So, yes, I am a girl and I love sports. I love good competition where people play with integrity and leave it all on the field. That was what happened on Saturday and I am still smiling two days later.  Lastly, I am also a Lions fan and was thrilled to see them get their first win of the season and against da ‘Bears makes it even better.

SpartyChick19 (Now you know the reason for my name)


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  1. C7

    Being an MSU grad myself….and having a blast with you at the MSU Rose Bowl game in 2014, I can’t help but to share in your joy and constant inner smile and cheer….GO GREEN! GO WHITE!

    Only thing better would have been if my son’s game would have rained out sooner so we could have gotten back on this side of town to watch it together! IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!

    October 19, 2015

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