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I’m a hypocrite

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I try to be the type of person who does not judge others.

I believe that you are solely responsible for your own choices, good or bad, you live with the consequences of those decisions. Because you have chosen one path and I another does not make you right and me wrong, or vice-versa. I can’t know the circumstances that led you to that choice. I can’t honestly say that in the same circumstances I wouldn’t make the same choice.

This is a principle I try very hard to live by. Now you know what’s coming… but… Yes, I have an opinion about someone’s choices, and here it is.

Now I’ll be honest I’ve not always been a text book mother. I shouted, I occasionally smacked, sometimes I didn’t listen like I should have. I’m also no oil painting – short, gray, saggy, though happy – just about sums me up.

So what’s my problem?

I just can’t understand how any mother would manipulate her daughter like this. REALLY… If you want cosmetic surgery, then go for it. I won’t judge you. But if you want a boob, lip, or butt job, then go and spend your own money. Don’t make your daughter pay for it. What kind of mother are you? Is this really the best career move for your daughter, stripping and taking money from old men?

I have watched this video a few times and each time I understand less and less how this mother can have her daughter behave this way and be proud. “I don’t mind Kayla having a sugar-daddy or stripping to pay for our cosmetic work because we’re living the dream. I’m really proud of her.”

I mean WTF!! Why would you not encourage your daughter to be happy with who she is? Am I missing something? Who, in their right mind, encourages her daughter to go out stripping at 17?

I think these two ladies genuinely seem close to each other, but is this a healthy relationship? I have often said to my children, “My job is to be your mother, not your friend.” I’m the person responsible. I have to make the hard choices. I’m the one who always seems to say no.

I’m also the person who says you can be whatever you set your mind to. Be happy with who you are. Love yourself, to me you’re perfect. No matter what I’ll always be here for you. I can’t imagine asking my daughter or son to do something like this. Can you?

Am I being a hypocrite? Well I did once research into tear trough filler near me, but that’s nothing compared to this story.

Can I look at these ladies and think, You are not beautiful. Everything about you is false, without being a hypocrite? What do you think? Am I being the thing I dislike in others, the judge? On one hand, they have the right to do to their bodies whatever they choose. On the other, this mother is happy with her daughter taking money from old married men and stripping so she can have big boobs, huge lips, and butt lifts.

Yes, I’m judging.

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