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Date archive for: October 2015

My Steering Wheel

Posted in ChickTwenty

No one knows me like my steering wheel. No one experiences my raw, irrational emotions like my steering wheel. She has seen me at my best and at my worst. As someone who drives quite a bit for work, I spend a lot of time holding hands with “Steery.” She must get a kick out of my inconsistent attire and make up each day I enter the vehicle. Sometimes I throw my purse in and pull out of the driveway like an unattractive Danika Patrick, but with far less skill rushing to the gym or making a last minute burrito…

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I’m a Girl and Bleed Green

Posted in SpartyChick19

Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I am a mom. Yes, I am a wife and many more important roles, depending on the day and hour, but this past Saturday afternoon all other roles were put aside for the BIG game. You see, before I was a wife, mother, high tech executive or more recently an owner of a pet rat, I was a Spartan! Yes, Michigan State University Spartan. I joke that my blood has run green since visiting the campus during my junior year of high school. Saturday was the big, in state, rivalry game between my Michigan…

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When I grow up, I want to be 50.

Posted in FreedomChik18

She watches me from the table across from us. He’s spinning MC Hammer style on his tiny, perfect butt. Tin foil is flying. Plastic forks are being launched as weapons against invisible invaders. He is the Master of my Universe. I can’t stand being under his rule. My voice raises in warning after the 4th time I’ve calmly contained this little human. I catch the glares of the more patient mothers. The never been mothers. The must-have-forgotten-how-bad-it-sucks-to-have-a-3-year-old mothers. Still, her eyes remain kind. Despite both our quick, nervous glances away each time our eyes meet, we can’t stop staring at…

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Dear Mom

Posted in frickachik17

Dear Mom,   You are my hero.  You have shaped me into the woman I am today and I just want to thank you. You’re awesome, mom.  You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met and probably will ever meet.  You have been there for the best times and the shitty times, loving me through it all.  You taught me right from wrong, good from bad.  You are the light of my life. I want to be just like you, mom.  I’ll be content if I become half the mother that you are.  I want to raise my children…

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Sex Crazed (or not)

Posted in ChixC16

What has happened to me? It just doesn’t seem fair that life takes away your mojo when you get older. You’re supposed to wait to have sex until you’re married (yah right!)…..but what if you don’t find Mr. Right until you’re 40…..and all your mojo is starting to go down hill? When I was in my 20’s & 30’s I LOVED sex, but my relationship status was on again & off again….so the opportunity was not always present to satisfy one’s wants & needs. Flash ahead & I finally find Mr. Wonderful & sex should be plentiful…however as the years…

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Attempted Murder in the Laundry Room

Posted in chick'nmiddle15

My dryer tried to kill my favorite bra this morning. Okay, it was probably yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t really start looking for it until six o’clock this morning when I was already running late and trying to get dressed. Which I couldn’t . . . because I didn’t have my favorite bra. You see, my husband does the laundry in our house every Sunday. Sounds good until you read the part about how he didn’t mention the fact that my bra was fatally wounded until early the next morning.  Actually, I take that back, he went to work and…

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No Child Zone

Posted in ladychick14

You are my friend.  I love you but I do not love your children or your pets. So as time passes, naturally most of our married friends are having children or have toddlers.  Be that as it may, I can safely say I am absolutely not ready for a child at all.  I relish my 30 minute showers, 20 minutes for makeup and another 20 for hair.  I love my leisurely trips to the mall where I can linger in a shoe store for 40 minutes trying on every pair of ankle boots they have.  I love that I can…

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Rescue(d) Me!

Posted in luckychik13

Hi All. I’m Luckydawg13 and I am filling in for my mom this month. She is at a family reunion this week and left her Luckychik duties to me. At first I wasn’t sure that you’d be interested in anything I might have to say. But I understand this 30chix thing is all about sharing the realities of our individual lives, and perhaps a canine perspective has some merit. My mom and I have only been a family for a little over a year. Before that I was a street dog, and that was a very scary time. When people…

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Journey Home

Posted in Chika12

In just a few days, my step-mom, sisters and I will be making a long journey over the Pacific to take my father’s ashes to be united with my mother’s in Japan. My mother passed away 30 years ago this coming January and it’s been a year since my father passed away in Palm Harbor, Florida, just a few days after his 93rd birthday. Like many retirees, he spent the last “third” of his life, living his life to the fullest, in Florida. My dad was an avid, sometimes rabid, consumer of sports of the baseball and football variety. Long…

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Playboy or Internet Porn?

Posted in chik11

I am a mother of three teenagers, one of them being a 15 year old boy. What mother would consider the option of a Playboy for her teenage son over the alternative – internet porn? I am that mother. I grew up in a house with two sisters. I never had a brother. As a young girl in my teens, I remember visiting an aunt & uncle and the scandalous Playboy magazines that were in their bathroom. At that age, I was shocked. I’d never seen a Playboy before. Why would someone look at something like that? The thought of…

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