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Who Ate the Chocolate?

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This is gonna be a short one! I’ve got life happening around me and my multi-tasking skills have gone bi-polar, which I love in the manic state, ’cause I can get some shit done, but not today.

He came home with a big chocolate Hershey Bar the other night.  The ones that can feed like 10, I mean 3 people.  He put it in the freezer and broke a piece, a tiny square, offered me half and said, “I love chocolate & I love you!!!” I smiled and thought, if you love me so much, why did you eat my other half.  My bad, I’m sorry.

It tasted amazing and for the next 3 weeks it called for me from deep in the freezer.  I’d see it sitting there on the shelf, cold, wrapped in silver paper, just waiting for me. Crunch!!! Days went by, weeks! Then I hear it!!! It!!!

“Honey, Honey, where is that chocolate bar? The big one? That I put in the freezer a couple of days ago?”

Huh, days? Not true!! No, I thought, It was weeks, like 2! Maybe 3!

I whispered, “I think it’s gone.  Don’t you remember “we” ate it?”

“No, I only had one piece,” he says as he meanders into the living room.  I state, with a stern look on my face, “Well, it must have been those Fucking elves who live here with the two of us who ate your chocolate!!”

He tilted his head and knew the conversation should end now.

Every once in a while the chocolate bar re-appears in the freezer, to whisper my name.  I love you, too!!!!


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  1. luckychix22

    i hate those little fuckers! not only do they eat all the chocolate and drink all the alcohol, they took in my favorite jeans at least a size…

    October 5, 2015
    • ChickNorris29

      Good to know they are the ones that make my jeans smaller. Whew!!

      October 6, 2015
  2. 4chickachickaboom

    Fucking Elves….we have them in our house, too!

    October 3, 2015
    • justachik1

      I have an infestation of them. Sometimes it’s the chocolate – other times the wine. Whatever they’re after…they are pesky little buggers.

      October 3, 2015

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