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Date archive for: November 2015

Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays I went back home a month ago and during a nightly “check-in” call to my husband and kids, he mentioned asking my mom to come stay with us over Christmas. I immediately brushed it off and forgot because I assumed that she would decline the offer. A year ago my brother had offered to pay her way to fly out with him and his wife and daughter but my mom turned him down. She said something about “air travel being too crazy” or “not feeling up to it”. Some excuse, any excuse would do. Anyway, upon my return…

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Watch out, she’s a runner!

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It’s been a rough month. I know life goes in waves and sometimes you take a big dip before you can raise back up, but I am at an all-time dip. I do it to myself. My problem is, I’m a “runner”. I love change to the point that I am addicted to it and if there is nothing on the horizon, I usually run to something else. Change has always been easier than sticking with something that just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it’s that I’m always searching for meaning, but that sounds so cheesy. Looking for more…

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First Snow

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I love the anticipation of the first snow of the season. I also dread it. I think it’s the idea of the snow softly falling, the glow of the night sky and the calm serenity of looking out at the glistening fresh snow – it’s peaceful. That is what I love. Then there is the reality of what happens that morning…(because really, it NEVER happens on the weekend when we can snuggle in and enjoy it) We know it is coming.  The weatherman says so, we feel it in the air and our bones. Snow is on the way.  Are…

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Can’t we all give thanks?

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I overheard the cashier ask the woman in the Trader Joe’s check out line if she was finishing up her Thanksgiving shopping. The response from the woman, “I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.” The cashier, instead of standing there with jaw dropped open like I did, quickly commented something to the effect of everyday shopping today for you. I found her comment about not celebrating Thanksgiving to be very interesting and at the same time unsettling, which then made me interested in why I was so unsettled about it. So often we do things in life just because that’s they way we…

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So I can not believe that I am sitting at the computer the day before my entry for this blog is due. Not only do I have no idea on what to write about, I have no idea how it got to be 24th of November already! Oh, who am I kidding….I know exactly how this happened. My chaotic, wonderful, stressful life got in the way…along with a sprinkle of some pretty magical thinking. I confess, I have thought about how I should sit down and start writing something many times this month. I have also spent quite a bit…

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Little Gestures

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“Don’t judge people. You never know the battle they are fighting.” – Unknown Life can (and often does) change in a second. I recently had a health scare that reminded me – as much as we would like to think so – – we are not bullet proof. The days between the initial doctor’s visits – the surgery and getting the all-clear phone call reminded me of an important life lesson. It’s funny how things in life can seem SO important and then can suddenly not be important at all when things come to a grinding halt. I began to…

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I suck at writing…

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I’m sitting here in the Vegas airport waiting for my flight home and I’m wondering why I agreed to be apart a part of this blog. I suck at deadlines, I think I’m super boring and I know, without a doubt, I’m a horrible writer. I think that justachik1 signed me up without my actually saying yes. I may even still have the text that says exactly that! :-p But… I really love this blog and enjoy reading each of your stories every day. I thank you all for being amazing women who really don’t suck at being women! So…

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Are you pregnant?

Posted in ChickTwenty

I dated my husband for five years before he proposed. For at least four of those years, my life consisted of “When is he going to propose?!” and “You aren’t going to wait forever!” Really? If I make the decision to spend the rest of my life with someone, they are clearly worth waiting for, right? I always found that so stupid. Regardless, that time in my life is finally over! We tied the knot. No sooner than AT MY WEDDING RECEPTION did the next phase in my life begin- the “When are you going to have kids?” chapter. The…

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Bridget Jones of Arizona

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I find myself thinking of a book I read nearly 15 years ago. Bridget Jones Diary came along for me at a perfect time. It was 1999 and I was recently divorced and ironically, leaving Arizona to work abroad in London as an expat for 2 years. The movie came out and I remember thinking I had found my soul sister in Bridget Jones…. ok, so I didn’t smoke or have quite that foul of a mouth, but the weight struggle, oh, the weight struggle… my, oh my, Bridget and I were connected at the proverbial morning step on the…

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I Love You This Much

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Dear Heavenly Father, You said you love me this much, with your eyes kind, smile beaming, and arms spread wide, touching both sides of the universe. I am yours. Parents don’t place conditions on loving their own; I am a mother, I know. They call you a liar, your other children. They say you only love me if. These markings you placed upon my heart, my mind, my body, you didn’t assign conditions to. You gave me the grace, or arguable misfortune, of making them invisible. I only revealed what I chose to, when I was ready to let others…

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