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First Snow

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I love the anticipation of the first snow of the season.

I also dread it.

I think it’s the idea of the snow softly falling, the glow of the night sky and the calm serenity of looking out at the glistening fresh snow – it’s peaceful. That is what I love.

Then there is the reality of what happens that morning…(because really, it NEVER happens on the weekend when we can snuggle in and enjoy it)

We know it is coming.  The weatherman says so, we feel it in the air and our bones. Snow is on the way.  Are we really ready?  NO-

I know the kids have all the stuff- hats, coats, snow pants, mittens…I even know where it all is. What I don’t know is if it all FITS…  That small detail eludes me. Oops!!

Here it is- that morning and it is chaos!!  It is the night before Thanksgiving break…

It starts out as a skiff. We leave the house as we have- coats, hats – that’s it.

Now- I teach at an elementary school.  It drives me crazy when kids are sent unprepared for the weather.  It proceeds to snow and blow all day. It is blizzard conditions. It took until last recess for me to realize…I am that parent. My boys have coats but not hats, mittens or boots. They are not prepared for the weather and neither am I!!!

Yay!! Way to go mom!!!

I know better. It is not like it’s my first winter.

When I leave school, my car is encased in snow and ice. I am wet and cold from cleaning my car enough that I can drive home. My nice shoes are soaked.

Both my kids and I suffered the consequence of my unpreparedness.

NOW- we are ready for the next snowfall.  Bring on the snow, shovels, snow angels and hot chocolate.  (peppermint schnapps optional! :))

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  1. luckychix22

    I’m jealous of your first snow worries! I miss that anticipation. Living on the western slope of Colorado, it was always a fun time for me. Arizona winter does not compare to that feeling…

    December 1, 2015
  2. justachik1

    The peppermint schnapps is only optional if you’re replacing it with Bailey’s. You’ve earned it.

    Every one of us has had those moments when we realize we’re *that* parent. That’s half the battle – recognizing and admitting we’re not perfect.

    November 28, 2015

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