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Date archive for: November 2015

I am the Queen

Posted in frickachik17

I am the Queen…. Of queefing, that is. A queef is simply trapped air in your vagina coming back out.  Or as I call it: awkward. The other night, I was straddling my boyfriend after sex and I moved just the right way and phhhttttttttttt.  I queefed right there.  On his stomach.  I was MORTIFIED.  He was totally cool about it, he gets that it’s uncontrollable, BUT STILL.  I vagina-farted ON HIM.  I’m blushing while typing this, I just can’t get over it. Fellow Chix, help me out!  It happens after each time we have sex, no matter the position.…

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The Ten Commandments of the Bathroom

Posted in chick'nmiddle15

Being the only female in our house has some distinct disadvantages – especially when it comes to the bathroom. So for all you women out there dealing with men/boys and their disgusting bathroom habits . . . these are for you:   Thou shalt not leave the door open Thou shalt not leave the seat up Thou shalt not leave the seat down Thou shalt not leave pee on the seat after leaving the seat down Thou shalt not run in and out so fast that you leave a trail on the floor Thou shalt not expect someone else not…

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Posted in luckychik13

My brain has been skittering around to a multitude of topics for this month’s post. Do I address the coffee cup issue? Should I delve in to the recent clarifications made to the doctrine of the LDS church? Is ranting about the onslaught of Christmas prior to the celebration of Thanksgiving the direction I want to go? No to all of those; this month I decided to share with you just a few of my thoughts on the idea of family. When I was around five years old my parents decided they wanted another child. They already had me and…

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Six Degrees of Connection

Posted in Chika12

I’m behind this month…I might just make this submission in time for posting but I have most definitely missed the requested deadline of at least 24 to 48 hours in advance. I am so sorry, justachik1. I could use the excuse of “needed more time to process” but we all know that this is simply a case of blatant procrastination – the one thing that I do really well! In my defense though, I’ve actually written another submission and filed it away because I didn’t feel like it would be appropriate. I mean, who wants to read about Elon Musk…

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The holidays are upon us and the craziness of it can be overwhelming and stressful.  I’d like to remind myself and others of what is important.  The simple beauty of the holiday season while being grateful for all we have and remembering to enjoy our time with family and friends. “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough and more.  Gratitude turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order and confusion to clarity.  It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.  It turns problems into gifts,…

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Age Is A State Of Mind

Posted in McChik10

Recently I celebrated a birthday, not a significant birthday, but one that made me realize I was getting old. I remember my mother at this age, I was 19 she was 52, I thought she was ancient. How can I be that old? I remember thinking how out of touch she was, how she couldn’t understand “my life”. Is that how my kids see me? I certainly don’t think I’m out of touch. I mean I use Facebook, I Skype, I shop and bank online. How out of touch can I be? Right? As I lay there I realized, when…

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I’m Fine

Posted in 1FineChik

I’m fine…I say with a confident arching hand wave and higher than normal pitch in my voice.  How many times a day do I say this to those who I are written in my daily story.  Some may see me and think that this girl suppresses the true horror and pressures within.  The truth of the matter is that all is good, really good, when compared to so many people.  My sister put it in perspective for me during our epic backpack trip this past summer. Yes, my Super-Sister knows who she is and protects that truth every day.  Her…

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Keep your wits about you

Posted in Gr8fate

My mom frequently says, “Keep your wits about you!” I think of her when I do really dumb things and feel overwhelmed. As a mother, wife, sister, friend, and teacher, I have many things on my mind. I find it hard to get a good night’s sleep because my brain never completely shuts off. I know this because sometimes I wake up knowing how to solve a problem. It’s crowded in this brain! I have learned to multi-task. Earlier this week I was compelled to help take care of my daughter who was “under the weather.” She lives out of…

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What Memo?

Posted in C7

I consider myself to be a light hearted person. I can laugh with anyone, anytime and have fun in whatever I’m doing, even work!  But what is it with some people who walk around with the mentality of “It’s all about me, and it’s all about me right now.”   I’m sorry, I didn’t get the memo. Had I known, I wouldn’t have busted out my “I can be an asshole” memo on you. I didn’t realize that when you put your blinker on, that it meant you’re coming over right now; I thought it meant that your intention is…

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Bye Felecia!

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Fear is a crazy thing. It changes our thought, behaviors. It’ll also cause you to not use your own master bathroom for 3 months. My name is Starchiksix, and I have Musophobia. Maybe I should rephrase that. I only have it indoors. For those of you who don’t know, musophobia- is the fear of mice. I love animals. Just not in my house. Over the summer, we were awakened by screams by our daughters. They were yelling, “THERE’S A RAT IN OUR ROOM.” My fiancé gets up and tries to shoo it out as I am I standing on our…

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