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Date archive for: November 2015

The Dark Side

Posted in Chic#5

This is my life… I do not consider myself to be “old” by any means, but…as I have aged over the years (and not like a fine wine), shit just doesn’t look the same anymore.  It’s like I am at this in-between stage of life where I feel like I am still in my 20s but can definitely see the latter end of the 30s slowly showing its ugly face, no pun intended.  And this ladies, is not so easy to accept. The wrinkles, stretch marks, and inevitable “pooch” – YUCK! That’s when I realize we live in a world,…

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My husband and I have a very open relationship….we tell each other everything and do things in front of each other that I, even though I am a very open person, would probably never admit to. So here it goes, for everyone’s personal enjoyment: 1. I fart uncontrollably at work, at home, at the supermarket. I am a crop duster. Girls fart. Girls fart bad. How can someone tell me that they are on a juicing diet and not tell me that they have the most awful flatulence ever? I even fart sometimes and the fart bubble travels into my…

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Daddy Duty

Posted in #3chickstothewind

I just got back from a class reunion type gathering with old college teammates and past athletes. It was in Utah, the beautiful but foreign community I landed on in college. A fun pick-up game of volleyball was planned as a meet and great for all the alumni who could make it. They ranged from 1985-2014. I just happened to be the oldest in the gym, by 3 months. We meandered into the gym, the four of us from the 80’s, loaded on Ibuprofen and Aleve, I think I was the only one jacked up on coffee, and sized up…

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Coping Strategies

Posted in La Segunda Chica

I was “called out” at work last week (via a Google survey) in a somewhat public and very unprofessional way.  It was kind of like the junior high scenario in which a couple of girls “anonymously” wrote a note telling me how much I suck and slid it through the vent of my locker. I am thirty-five years past those days, and yet, initially, I reacted like a thirteen year old.  I was indignant, defensive, and most of all hurt. On Friday, a few days after this happened, I had to tell my internal monologue to STFU.  In doing so an…

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Social Graces

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I love social media. I really do. There was a time I even referred to it as my hometown. When one’s parents move as often as mine do/did, it’s not possible to have a hometown. Sure, I can always go my family’s home and I’m confident I have one of the best – but I can’t go home. Before Facebook, I had very tenuous ties to my past childhood haunts. I could glean bits of information from my lifelong friends, but I couldn’t experience it firsthand. All the changes and local gossip were seen and heard through someone else’s eyes…

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