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So I can not believe that I am sitting at the computer the day before my entry for this blog is due. Not only do I have no idea on what to write about, I have no idea how it got to be 24th of November already! Oh, who am I kidding….I know exactly how this happened. My chaotic, wonderful, stressful life got in the way…along with a sprinkle of some pretty magical thinking. I confess, I have thought about how I should sit down and start writing something many times this month. I have also spent quite a bit of time lately, magically thinking that something amazing will just pop in my head. It did not. In a moment of desperation last week, I even thought I could write a holiday haiku or a limerick…but alas, I just plain stink with poetry.

So here I sit.


This month has had its shares of some serious ups and downs. As I look back on the month, there is one quick encounter that I keep coming back to and it makes me smile. This 10 second encounter solidified for me why persistence is such a great skill to have, because the reward can be so sweet.

Let me set the stage. We moved to a new neighborhood a few years ago. We came from a very friendly hood, where everyone waved or stopped to chat. Our new hood, we quickly found out, is quite the contrary. It is not friendly. At all. My husband, my kids and myself are a family of waving fools and as we drive through the neighborhood waving, we will usually just get stares back from people or maybe a half hearted wave here and there.

So. We have a neighbor directly next to us, who is one of the most grumpiest people I have encountered. We are talking EXTREME grouchiness. I have talked with other neighbors and now know a little of his back story. With this information, I made it a goal for me to get this man to wave to me unsolicited. For three years, I have waved like Forrest Gump in my car, or when I am out walking, frantically and extremely friendly like (in my opinion) and never once has he waved back. Sometime he will look at me and other times he will look the other way. A couple times he has walked past the house, while I am out there and I will compliment him or try to make small chat. He will respond either a grunt or just keep walking. I have never heard him speak a word.

I am not sure where this challenge of getting him to acknowledge me is really coming from or why I am even trying to get a grumpy guy to wave at me. I think it stems from this quote I like. I am not sure where the quote comes from, but it is one that I think about and I end up sharing with the kids I work with.

Everyone is fighting a battle we don’t know anything about. Be kind. Always.

Then last week, I was driving down the street and I see the grumpy neighbor walking….and son of a NUTcracker, he initiated a WAVE to ME! I tried to play it cool and give him a nice wave back, but I must admit as soon as I rounded the corner, I stopped and did some fist pumping. My first quick thought was ….”WINNING! I did it! Winner Winner Chicken Di…..” Then just as quickly, that bubble popped and in floated the word “Grateful”. It kind of stopped me dead in my tracks…I am so grateful that I have been a complete fool on this mission to get this man to wave to me and when he did, it totally made MY day.

Be Kind. Always.

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  1. Chix11

    Always be kind! BLE

    December 9, 2015
  2. Chic#5

    Favorite post of the month. I am glad you procrastinated 🙂

    November 26, 2015
  3. C7

    Love this. So true and sometimes so hard to do. Sometimes we’
    re focused on ourselves, our struggles, and it’s a great reminder. Be kind. Always.

    November 25, 2015

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