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Six Degrees of Connection

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I’m behind this month…I might just make this submission in time for posting but I have most definitely missed the requested deadline of at least 24 to 48 hours in advance. I am so sorry, justachik1. I could use the excuse of “needed more time to process” but we all know that this is simply a case of blatant procrastination – the one thing that I do really well!

In my defense though, I’ve actually written another submission and filed it away because I didn’t feel like it would be appropriate. I mean, who wants to read about Elon Musk and his creative process; the “how” of how he comes up with his audacious creations? Right? I will admit, though, that I am just a little bit in love with him and a lot in awe of him.

As I’ve read each submission, I realize that I have been subconsciously trying to discern the variety of ways that we are connected to justachik1. Each entry is like another layer of the onion being peeled back and exposed, another facet of association being revealed. So, no surprise, there has been something in each 30chix contribution that has resonated with me – another connection to be recognized.

I confess that I don’t do the Twitter or Instagram kind of communicating. Nor am I very good about leaving comments on the Facebook site to show my appreciation for each daily reveal. But I do want to express my thankfulness to justachik1 for creating this forum that allows us the freedom to explore and share what we are thinking, and to all of you fierce chicks for being so honest. So, here’s what I would’ve posted…

Gratitude to chik11 for reminding us that we can turn our “failures into successes” (I’m typing as fast as I can…)

I get that age is a state of mind, McChik10. It is a manifestation of the age-old dilemma of internal perception vs external reality and my aching muscles after a not-so-strenuous yoga session remind me of that…

1FineChick: I’m fine with letting it all hang out, in a nice non-whiny way of course, instead of constantly stuffing your feelings in. Breathe into the pain…

Gr8fate: As we get older, we do need to keep our wits about us – we need to practice mindfulness without falling prey to forgetfulness because there are so many distractions…(stop looking at FB and keep typing!)

C7: What Memo? Was there a memo? I agree. It seems that more and more, people are being encouraged to exhibit behaviors of “entitlement” and somehow feel that their societal stature warrants bad behavior. Or, is that just my age showing through?

Starchiks: I don’t understand the ‘Bye Felecia!’ reference but I do understand how scary and powerful mastering a fear can be…I don’t have bats in the belfry (yet) or mice in the floorboards, but I do have an endangered woodpecker that has taken up residence above my head in the attic. Any suggestions for its removal?

Chic#5: Please don’t succumb to the dark side…it’s not a pretty place.

4ChickaChickaBoom: I do it, oh hell, I do it all of the time…farting in public that is, but only up-wind and in wide open spaces.

3chickstothewind: Not having any experience with parenting small children, I can only appreciate how reassuring it is to have responsible male adults willing to do “daddy duty”.

La Segunda Chica: “You is kind, you is smart, and you is important”… not to mention being one of the smartest people I know, but then you know that already! J

Soggy Doritos and bad takeout pizza! Now that’s a visual and thanks for inviting me to your FB party, justachik1. Yikes, I think I recognized myself in one of the corners!!

I’m rooting for you, 1Rooster! I hope your love story has a happy ending and that you manage to “rise out of the primordial soup and Cheeto dust”. Love that metaphor!

Sharing the load when separated by geographic distance is difficult no matter what. Try not to beat yourself up, thatchik30. It sounds like your brother is sanguine about the situation.

Sleep farts, ChickNorris29? Hear strains of the popular tune, “Let it go, let it go…”, in the background…

On or off the catwalk, somechik28, we have all been guilty of “judging a book by its cover” but I guess it is a matter of how important appearances are to you. Mind you, you have to pry me out of my yoga pants.

You have definitely earned MOY in my book, olechik27! And, the Master Juggler award, Multi-tasker award, the Always-Looking-After-Everyone-Else award…

Chix2six: Striving to attain an attitude of calm, centered peacefulness says it all. Reflecting on the act of dropping your leaves; shedding the year in order to rebuild your essential self, shows how wise you are.

“A pox on all of those crafty ladies”! Chik25, I think you have mastered the art of persuasion and strategic problem solving.

Thank you for the reminder, SpaChix, that I need to keep my focus on overcoming my barriers, one vault at a time.

Luckychix22, you are loved for all of your bitchiness – warts and all.

I am anxious to know, did the digital detox experiment work, chick21?

Well, ChickTwenty, my old girl is quickly approaching 100,000 miles and although she doesn’t complain either, each day I hear new rattles and feel the loosening of more bolts – a blatant metaphor of life?

I appreciate that you bleed green, SpartyChick19, and I certainly get healthy sports rivalry. I was cheering for MSU, too, as my husband is a ‘Gander’.

FreedomChik18, what the 50 year old stranger is really doing while staring across the sympathetic abyss, is marveling at your patience and infinite love – been there, done that.

Dear frickachik17, Thank you for writing such a loving letter to your mom. For saying all of the things that I wish I had been able to say to my mom before she passed away. Love, Chika12

Sex crazed or not, ChixC16, I am hoping that you get your sexy mojo back because then I will know that there is hope for me, too!

Chicknmiddle15, I can’t imagine a more horrible death than by an errant bra underwire!

I applaud your realization, ladychick14, that you’re not ready for “prime time” yet – I, myself, have never had children. But, have you seen the YouTube videos made by Michael McIntyre titled “People with no kids don’t know”? You’ll laugh ‘till the snot runs.

I learned something new from luckychik13’s Luckydawg – I need to get a green leash for my rescue golden retriever. He sports a red leash now and I had no idea that meant he should be approached with caution. He’s so friendly, he’ll lick you to death!

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