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12/12 Reflection/Reconciliation

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The 12th day: If you are an adept of Numerology, you would identify the number 12 with the “1” of new beginnings and the “2” with seeking balance, expressing your feelings and encouraging love. The 12th month: December – represents reflection and reconciliation of the events from the past year; the setting of positive intentions for the next 12 months. An opportunity to let go of the feelings (ego) that motivated all of the momentous decisions made during the past year; an opportunity to set new intentions leading to greater potential growth; to being observant (mindful) and finding calm in all future events.

While I am generally not a superstitious person, there have been times when I have found myself walking in the opposite direction when seeing a black cat in front of me and I do avoid walking under ladders under all circumstances. I only open an umbrella indoors if I need to dry it out. I have been known to toss salt over my shoulder on occasion in the kitchen. And, I knock on wood (or my head) whenever I say something that might tempt the Fates to throw me a curve ball.

I like to think that these actions stem from the practical side of my nature. After all, if a black cat does cross your path, you may be looking so intently at it that you stumble or fall and end up hurting yourself. Walking under ladders, especially when someone is on it, could lead to accidentally toppling the ladder and adding insult to injury. I live in a climate region that generally precludes the need for umbrellas but I imagine that if everyone were to open their umbrellas indoors, it would quite likely result in someone getting their eye poked out. I don’t know why I toss salt over my shoulder or knock on wood but I can remember my Irish grandmother doing it and so now I do it, too.

Yes, I admit to seeing the glass of life half empty. But, I ascribe to the philosophy that if you actively work at not having huge expectations for a good outcome, then when things go badly you won’t feel overly despondent. Conversely, when things do go well (which is more often than not the case), then you will be pleasantly surprised that everything has worked out! I don’t see this perspective as being excessively pessimistic, just a kind of hedging of one’s bets or a kind of warding against any of life’s potentially negative outcomes.

I know that this approach has been difficult for those who deal with me on a daily basis but I really don’t feel that I am a pessimistic person.  I am quite positive in my outlook –
pragmatic and sanguine about what life experiences I have had and hope to have in the future. On reflection, my life so far has been really good and I have a lot to look forward to but I just don’t want to jinx myself, so I am knocking on wood as I type.

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and an equally Happy New Year of the Red Fire Monkey!

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