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A Girl’s Best Frenulum

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Everyone has a natural born gift. Some believe that some gifts are so unexplained they must be a past life’s remnant of what your life was before. Some have the talents of dance, song, storytelling…the list can go on and on – you get the gist.

Well, today my fellow blog mates, I would like to introduce you to “A Girl’s Best Frenulum”. I obviously was a Madam/Lady of the Night of some sort in my past life as I have perfected this unusual skill, I actually do suck….lucky me!

During my dating years it came in quite handy….no pun intended, but now that I am married, it comes in as a bartering tool….again no pun intended. Things magically get done in the house, extra care is given, dishes and laundry get done, man-scaping is taken care of, and undoubtedly bitchy things I do or say on a daily basis are dealt with in a pleasant way and sometimes….just sometimes….there is a gift, just to show me how much he “appreciates” me.

If there are any gentlemen out there who would like to comment more on this topic that I am about to go in depth about (LOL) please comment back. A male friend of mine who I told his wife about this thanked me over dinner once and coined his wife’s new move as the “Tornado Twist” and asked her where she learned it. I love to hear feedback on this and help the women out there perfect this technique to use in her own sexual arsenal.

If you are adverse to the perverse, I would end your reading of this blog right now. You now have been warned. I have drawn out pictures before to interested parties who have never heard of what this is but with the perks of the internet it becomes easier.

First look up the Frenulum. It faces you when you are down “there”. Insert in your mouth and go down just a little past the “mushroom cap”. When you are about to go back up swish your tongue back and forth on the bottom side and twist your head in almost a circular motion using minimum suction (some guys need a little some needs more). When you hit the Frenulum part….you will feel it on your tongue when you get there….stop and with your lips somewhat tight around swish your tongue on it some more and do another couple of head twists. It helps also if you are on all fours, between his legs, with your ass in the air, and you boobs are somewhat against his balls (This gives him the visual).

Do this a couple of times and watch to see if his toes curl……once you got those toes to curl you know you are doing it right. You won’t have to do this for a long extent of time, my husband can only go maybe a minute at the most before meltdown occurs.

Your husband will be extremely grateful and you will reap the benefits of his gratitude with the things he will start doing for you. There are several other techniques that are added onto this to make things really come to a head….but let’s all get familiar with the Frenulum first.

Good luck, girls.

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  1. 1Rooster

    You’re doing the Lord’s work here. Or at least Mary Magdalene’s.

    December 4, 2015

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