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Dear Baby Mama

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First off I just want to say, I struggle with my post each month. Not because I have nothing to say, but because I run my mouth and ALWAYS have something to say. This month, I decided to write about a struggle I’m having. Baby Mama drama. I have been with my fiance 7 years. He’s not a man whore, he simply had not had the best of luck before me. Two kids with two different women who can be….well straight bitches. Sometimes they can be cool, I’ll give them that. I wanted to write letters to them to say things I would like to say but fear my inner Shaniqua taking over, so I keep it to myself. So….. Here it goes.

Dear baby mama #1
It has come to my attention that you refer to me as the other woman. I thought about it, and you’re right. No need to get deep, personal, or mean but I am her, the other woman. I am the other woman who loves your kid. I am the other woman who protects your cub. I am the other woman who HELPS discipline your child. I am the other woman who provides for your child. I am the other woman who loves and treats your child as her own. I am the person who let your off-spring watch youtube videos for babies. I am the other woman who advocates for you when you’re not around. I am not the other woman who is a fly by night floosy who is trying to show authority. I am the other woman who would like your respect and understanding. Understand your child lives in my house. Understand I Am, will be and should be involved. Not for my own glory. It will never work if you never back me, when I’m right. 7 years. Let that sink in…….. I’m not trying to take your place, I am merely doing my job as a supportive spouse and future step parent. I was over the wall pissed when I found out you call me the other woman. But you’re right.

The other woman.

Dear Baby Mama #2
I want to say the same things to you that I said to #1. Except-Fuck you for the extra dirty shit you said in the past. You were a mean, conniving, vindictive bitch, back in the day. But…… I love you for growing up and us being able to have a happy healthy co-parenting/blended family/actually really weird friendship kinda thing. The struggle was real, the love is now real. Your daughter is extremely blessed to have the three of us in her life. Thank you for forgiving me for my screw ups and allowing me to grow. I am grateful. Thank you.
Your Child’s future step mom.

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