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Here’s lookin at you kid!

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It’s Christmas Day!

Hopefully this finds all of you surrounded by those that you love…or at least snuggled up with a good holiday movie. I must confess, my family watches a lot of movies.  We watch movies at home, we enjoy going to the theater… especially at dinner time, because then I don’t have to cook!  With all this movie watching, we quote movies ALL the time.  Yes. We are THAT family. My favorite time is the at the start of the holiday season, when we break out our holiday movie collection….and you guessed it, we start throwing around some of our favorite holiday quotes.

Here are some our favorite quotes that have been used in our family’s day to day interactions this holiday season:

“Keep the change ya filthy animal” (Home Alone)  I use this after I sent my children into the store to grab a gallon of milk.

“King mother of all dirty words” (Christmas Story)  Used my 10 year old when describing someone using the F-bomb at school.

“I’m gonna give you to the count of 10 to get your ugly, yella, no good keester”…out of my room! (Home Alone) This has been said multiple times between my children when they wish their sibling out of their room.

“Tinsel. Not just for decoration.” (Santa Clause) Let’s just leave this one up for your imagination.

“How do the piggies eat? Snort. Snort. Mommy’s little piggy!” (Christmas Story)  Come on.  What mom doesn’t want to throw this one out when they are sitting at the table?

“Son of a nutcracker” (Elf) Very useful phrase when you need to swear and your kids have been on your case for excessive foul language.

“The sun is bright and powder is bitchin!” (Grinch) My son’s comment after a great day of skiing.

“Pucker up and kiss it, Whoville” (The Grinch) This is my kids favorite quote this year…it has been said multiple times.

As we are getting into the car….Me: “Well, you comin?”

My Kids:  “Where?”

Me: “Why to the North Pole, of course!”

My kids: **Audible Sigh** (Polar Express)

“Nice kid…baaaaad judge of character.” (Grinch)  My husband threw this one out, after listening to a story that one of the kids was telling about a situation at school.

“You smell like beef and cheese” (Elf)  This is my personal favorite this season, and has been very useful when letting my teenager know that he smells.


Go out and make today a Best Day Ever kind of day! Happy Holidays and we will see you all on the flip side!

                                                  “I’m all toasty inside. And I’m leaking” (Grinch)

                                                           (Blech. Once you start, you can’t stop!)

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