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This is my life…

I realized when becoming a part of this blog, and putting things out there – very personal things at times – I would have to be ready to possibly receive feedback I may not particularly want to hear.  Well, it happened….my last post, “The Dark Side,” was critiqued in a way that immediately put me on the defensive, “This person doesn’t even know me…!”  I took it very personal – call it an insecurity peeking its ugly head out from behind the curtain, or maybe a premenstrual side effect…not sure.  However, once I read my blog again, I can completely understand how a total stranger,  that I have never met or conversed with in my life, could take my message and reply in the way they did – it was to no fault but my own.   Which then made me question how often things can be misinterpreted when you simply “read” it on the web, social media, etc.  What is the “real” story…?

Well, I thought I would share my “real” story to clarify the reply to my last entry so that you all may get to know me just little bit better – shit, we all do work together, and will be for the next 365+ days.

While I did write about the maintenance projects I’ve put my body through over the years to change things up, fix the genetic gut, and remove the dreaded wrinkles (that I know there will be inevitably more of as time passes) from my forehead, I can promise you all, I will NOT “succumb to the Dark Side!”  Becoming a Barbie doll is definitely not an item on my bucket list.

Yes, outside contractors were needed for all of the renovations listed above, but I have actually been the one to conduct the majority of the work on my 5’3”, 140 lb structure you are reading about.  You see, when I was 11 years-old I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes – by far the worst day of my life, and within minutes of the news,  I was convinced it was also going to be my last (thanks to the movie Steel Magnolias) – ironically this proved to be the beginning of my “new” life.  Not only was I forced to become responsible for maintaining my blood sugars and calculating insulin to carb ratios, I found a new motivation to eat healthy and stay in shape…hence, the runner in me emerged (my talent 4ChickaChickaBoom, definitely not as fun as yours J).  At first, I hated it…I remember the coach saying we were going to go for an easy run, and 3 miles later I wanted to die, what the hell was I thinking!?  But, the more miles I ran, the better I felt, the faster my splits got, and the results I was seeing physically kicked me in the ass and made me want to go even harder.  I was in the best shape I had ever been in, and the doctors were extremely impressed with my Hemoglobin A1c levels (basically this is an average number showing how well one is controlling their diabetes).

Long story short…I ran…a lot in middle school, high school, college, and now…I run a lot to maintain the structure I was given, stay in shape, keep my weight down, and my diabetes under control – I have the tattoos to remind me every day to keep going (and make me “happy”).  So yes, I may have taken a trip to the “Dark Side,” and will continue to do so for at least botox’s sake, but there is no better feeling than putting on my shoes, lacing them up, putting my headphones on, and finding that song that gets you so pumped up you cannot wait to hit the pavement (or treadmill).

And, at the end of the day…hopefully all of this running will allow me to live longer, keep my feet intact, hearth healthy, kidneys clean, and my vision clear, because damn, diabetes can sure take a toll on ya if you don’t.  Until next time…

…this is my life.


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