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Date archive for: December 2015

STOP, the clock….Just Kidding, full speed ahead

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Yep, next week is my birthday and I am loud and proudly announcing that I will be the big 4-9! I mean why not shout it from the rooftops? Life is pretty darn good. I have my health, despite the extra pounds that I once again start a new year vowing to eliminate forever….(last months article). I have a great family…sure we have a few warts here and there, but despite the Facebook illusion that everyone’s life is perfect, we all know, the really good stuff doesn’t get posted, so I consider my blended family pretty darn normal and that…

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Mother Grace

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I stumbled into it; Motherhood. I didn’t seek it out. When it happened to me, I could only crawl through it, raising both myself and my sons at the same time. 20s feel similar to adolescence, except you are the parent. Couple that with raising another human being – Doable, but so damn difficult. All my sons’ lives thus far, I’ve never felt completely capable or worthy of being their Mom. If the overworked, squeaky wheels inside every mothers head were visible, I’m sure we all feel that way. Often. Yet, one of the greatest truths I’ve learned as a Mom is, we are all just…

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I love dogs. I would own 58 if I could. I found this story that I love, and thought I would share with you all:   I Rescued a Human Today. Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering apprehensively into the kennels. I felt her need instantly and knew I had to help her. I wagged my tail, not too exuberantly, so she wouldn’t be afraid. As she stopped at my kennel I blocked her view from a little accident I had in the back of my cage. I didn’t want her to know that I hadn’t been…

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You Touched My Heart

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My dear friend: We had such an unusual bond, a special friendship & from the moment I met you, immediately you touched my heart. When we met I was lost & confused, and you were frightened & scared – but you touched my heart & I called you friend. You helped my grow strong, my fog lifted and our bond grew – as you touched my heart. You were always there for me, with a bright smile, a playful heart and always unconditional love & support. You were my best friend – & you touched my heart Over the years we became…

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Early Mornings

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  I used to not be a morning person – and I’m still not – but lately it seems to be the best time of the day. Every morning at 6 AM, I walk into my 12-year-old’s room, sit down on the edge of his bed and gently wake him up. “Good morning, sleepyhead. Time to rise and shine!” He turns over, rubs his eyes, lights up with a brilliant smile and nods his head. Satisfied that he is not going to fall back to sleep, I walk across the hall and do the same thing for his older brother,…

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Dear Baby Mama

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First off I just want to say, I struggle with my post each month. Not because I have nothing to say, but because I run my mouth and ALWAYS have something to say. This month, I decided to write about a struggle I’m having. Baby Mama drama. I have been with my fiance 7 years. He’s not a man whore, he simply had not had the best of luck before me. Two kids with two different women who can be….well straight bitches. Sometimes they can be cool, I’ll give them that. I wanted to write letters to them to say…

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Recently I re-read the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley. The phrases “I am the master of my fate” and “I am the captain of my soul” have always been part of my lexicon, but it wasn’t until the first time I read this poem that I realized from whence these phrases came. And it wasn’t until almost five years ago that I finally understood what they meant. On December 31 of this year, my sister, Susan, would have been forty-five; but, five years ago, throat cancer became a brain cancer that ultimately led to her death. A few months…

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12/12 Reflection/Reconciliation

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The 12th day: If you are an adept of Numerology, you would identify the number 12 with the “1” of new beginnings and the “2” with seeking balance, expressing your feelings and encouraging love. The 12th month: December – represents reflection and reconciliation of the events from the past year; the setting of positive intentions for the next 12 months. An opportunity to let go of the feelings (ego) that motivated all of the momentous decisions made during the past year; an opportunity to set new intentions leading to greater potential growth; to being observant (mindful) and finding calm in…

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Gift Wrap or Saran Wrap?

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The art of giving is a beautiful thing.  With the holiday season upon us, what is the best gift to give to the one you love? It was 21 years ago that I married the love of my life.  We began our adventure of life together by moving to Kentucky, so that he could start his neurosurgery residency.  Back then, residents worked about 120+ hours a week during their six year residency program.  I worked as well, long hours, but not quite as long as him.  As newlyweds, we didn’t have a care in the world.  No kids and no…

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Done and Dusted

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Can’t believe that it’s my turn again – 30 days sure goes fast. I’ve spent the last week or so, (to be honest I’ve spent the last 30 days) thinking about what I would be writing about and just as usual it’s the day before and I’ve got nothing….  nothing…! I think my problem is that I have trouble relating the premise of this blog with how I see myself. I don’t think I suck.  In fact, as a teenager, I kind of thought I was the bees knees. It was my way or the highway. I was never one…

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