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Date archive for: December 2015

“A-Breast” of the Situation

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“Wow!  She is so breast-taking!” my friend Mike said as we were taking a water break on the tennis court. “Come again?  Don’t you mean breathtaking?” I asked.   No, Mike chose to use his word to describe a rather large breasted young woman who was playing tennis several courts down from us — but obviously in his eyes’ view. “Really?” I voiced sounding quite irritated and shook my head in disbelief that he would actually make a sexist comment in my presence.  “Grow up, Mike.  Even my husband wouldn’t make a comment like that in front of me.”  He did…

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The Story of Captain Underpants

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Dating is NEVER easy. This song is sung as a loud consensus from my friends both young and old. It was not easy when I was 16, 20, and now 28 years later. Recently ‘Happily Divorced’, I decided to try my luck again and start fishing in the ‘There’s a lot of fish in the ocean scene’. It has been almost 30 years for me, and with modern technologies and communications, I embark somewhat optimistic. It began one lonely night when I nervously decided to create my first profile on a free dating site. Pictures speak volumes, so I posted both modest and conservative pics of myself…

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What Up Doc?

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Like most people, I have to go to the doctor from time to time. I do what I’m supposed to do. I make an appointment, I answer their reminder calls to confirm, I show up early to check-in as they request and I pay my bills on time afterwards. Sounds like I should fit into the good patient category, however, my last appointment might put me on the “do not allow an appointment” list! It all started off fine. I showed up 15 min early. I checked in, I filled out the forms, I gave my insurance card, I sat…

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My Life Is Changing

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I had a work meeting very recently. The owners of our company revealed our company, in so many words, has been bought out. This has been life altering in the few hours that I’ve had this knowledge. Let’s be honest, I don’t think I’m ready for change. I can hardly pick out what scrubs I want to wear for the day, to wear a wig or not, or even what to have for dinner on most days. I feel like I can’t breathe. I can’t concentrate. By 8:06, it was fuck this shit o’clock. We are told about raises and better benefits. Hooray. There’s some laughter about drug tests and how we have 6 months to get…

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This is my life… I realized when becoming a part of this blog, and putting things out there – very personal things at times – I would have to be ready to possibly receive feedback I may not particularly want to hear.  Well, it happened….my last post, “The Dark Side,” was critiqued in a way that immediately put me on the defensive, “This person doesn’t even know me…!”  I took it very personal – call it an insecurity peeking its ugly head out from behind the curtain, or maybe a premenstrual side effect…not sure.  However, once I read my blog…

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A Girl’s Best Frenulum

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Everyone has a natural born gift. Some believe that some gifts are so unexplained they must be a past life’s remnant of what your life was before. Some have the talents of dance, song, storytelling…the list can go on and on – you get the gist. Well, today my fellow blog mates, I would like to introduce you to “A Girl’s Best Frenulum”. I obviously was a Madam/Lady of the Night of some sort in my past life as I have perfected this unusual skill, I actually do suck….lucky me! During my dating years it came in quite handy….no pun…

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Bring on the INK!

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Tattoos.  Ink cover arms, ribs, feet, backs and legs in shades of blues, blacks, reds, purples and faded yellows. Names, words, symbols and lost faces of people or moments that triggered that image to be remembered forever!Forever! Yeas ago, women often got ink to cover scars from child birth or injury. Service men to show the pain of war. As a first responder, I’ve seen years of ink spread over miles of skin. Old and young. Military, gangs, moms, grandparents and grandchildren (do you really think your grandma would have wanted her name across your chest?), frat boys and athletes.…

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The Oath

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When I was in junior high I remember being with my mom and grandma as my grandma went on, in detail, about the various ailments she and her friends suffered from.  When we were alone, my mom turned to me and pleaded, “Please tell me if I ever start doing that.”  I distinctly remember laughing and reassuring her that she would never act like Grandma.  They were polar opposites. Fast forward thirty-five years, and as I prepared Thanksgiving dinner listening to my mom go on, in detail, about the various ailments she and her friends suffer from (and this isn’t…

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Stinky Hoohas

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I have a stinky hooha and I don’t know why. Mind you, this isn’t a chronic condition – but on occasion, things down south get a little…uh…ripe. Usually, there’s a culprit.  However, this time, all the usual causes have been considered and discarded. I showered this morning, I’m wearing breathable cotton panties, it’s not too hot or too humid, I have no relational residue, and I’m not due to ovulate for another week. But alas, it stinks. It’s really quite the mystery. And, a bummer. After all, no one wants cooter cooties. Now before you start to judge, let’s get one…

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