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STOP, the clock….Just Kidding, full speed ahead

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Yep, next week is my birthday and I am loud and proudly announcing that I will be the big 4-9! I mean why not shout it from the rooftops? Life is pretty darn good. I have my health, despite the extra pounds that I once again start a new year vowing to eliminate forever….(last months article). I have a great family…sure we have a few warts here and there, but despite the Facebook illusion that everyone’s life is perfect, we all know, the really good stuff doesn’t get posted, so I consider my blended family pretty darn normal and that is good. I have travelled the world and settled in to one of America’s greatest cities, Gilbert, AZ and find it to be pretty much perfect for this time in my life…. A beach and/or high rise condo is somewhere in my future fantasy life, but sunny Gilbert hits the spot for now, especially when I add the improved cost of living due to those amazing gas prices lately. And….my MSU Spartans, Go GREEN¬†are #3 in football and #1 in basketball, so seriously, entering the last year of my 40s doesn’t look too shabby.

There are a few concerns about this coming last year of 40s. We do have a big election coming up. I will not go in to politics in this article, except to say I’m not looking forward to a year of political commercials any more than I’m looking forward to hearing the Star Wars theme song on one more commercial….Seriously, really glad the movie is finally out to pop that anticipation balloon.

Another concern is deciding what may be my next life venture. 2015 was my year of retirement after 25 years at a great company and although, I am really enjoying my time with my kids, something is aching in me to find a calling beyond…..Mom! Where is my, fill in the blank? It really needs to be something special though, because although everyday isn’t a party, I feel very blessed to have this quality time with them when they are young enough to appreciate it.

Lastly, for those in my general age group, maybe you remember learning that inevitable WWIII would involve the Middle East. Things are definitely a bit tense in the world…so yes, I do worry that my 2nd half century will see dangers that I can’t even imagine. I am a glass half full person though, so although I may worry a bit, I choose to think positive and pray for peace to prevail….Ooh, last paragraph got a bit heavy…sorry, 30Chix readers.

So my little December post has gone all over the place, but I will end with the saying I always say when someone worries about growing older…the alternative to growing older definitely doesn’t sound good….so I’ll continue full speed ahead on this roller coaster we call Life.


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