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You Touched My Heart

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My dear friend:

We had such an unusual bond, a special friendship & from the moment I met you, immediately you touched my heart.

When we met I was lost & confused, and you were frightened & scared – but you touched my heart & I called you friend.

You helped my grow strong, my fog lifted and our bond grew – as you touched my heart.

You were always there for me, with a bright smile, a playful heart and always unconditional love & support. You were my best friend – & you touched my heart

Over the years we became inseparable – I’m not sure who needed who more….you dried my tears & always made me laugh & ….. you touched my heart.

The passing years began to show on us; me a few more wrinkles, you a few more grays; you never noticed – and you always touched my heart.

You were such a special gift my friend.  Even while your health failed (for 18 mo), you were still always there for me, always worried about me, always loving me. I only hope I was as good a friend to you as you were to me……I hope I touched your heart.

Who is this wonderful friend you may ask……she is/was my wonderful pom-pug Gizmo, truly the best friend a girl could ask for.  She saw me thru many bad boyfriends, licked many tears, fell in love with my now husband, made me laugh thru the years. On my worst days she always greeted me with a smile & could make it all go away. For 15 years she was always by my side, making sure I felt special in every way.  I just want to say Thank You to this special girl who has (physically) left my side – I could have never imagined when we met 15 years ago, that someone so tiny & furry could have changed my life so much… touched my heart & I hope I touched yours.

In Loving Memory of Gizmo 10.23.15

Gizmo 12.9.14

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  1. ChickNorris29

    That was very sweet. She had the best mama.

    December 29, 2015
  2. luckychix22


    December 16, 2015

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