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Date archive for: January 2016

What about your friends?

Posted in thatchik30

Over the past few months I have had some rather difficult conversations with my youngest child regarding friendships. He had expressed disappointment that he doesn’t have many close friends to hang out with. Assuming my kid isn’t an asshole to other people his age, I know there are some possible reasons he doesn’t have close friends. For starters, he and his brothers have mostly attended schools out of the neighborhood, which can sometimes make it difficult to schedule play dates. Then, within the neighborhood, there are not many children his age. Well, there is one kid down the street but…

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Working Moms

Posted in olechik27

Working mom or stay at home mom – That title probably elicits some kind of feeling for most of us, mother or not. For me it is a mixture of guilt, inadequacy and anxiety. Like I need one more thing to help me feel that way… I think if you are a mom, you are a working mom. Period. Some of us stay at home and some of us go outside of our home. There are good and not so good in both arenas. Each has its own ups and downs. Both types of mom are EQUALLY important to our…

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I Am Always Being Watched

Posted in chix2six

I am always being watched. I am not paranoid, I just have three kids. It has dawned on me more in the past few months, that these watchers are watching everything, not just the important things, but everything. My watchers are gaining in years, the oldest will be a teen in just two more years, and this has prompted a re-evaluation of myself. First area to evaluate, my behavior in the car. Along with the kids aging, comes the excitement of sitting in the front seat. I thought, this will be great, they will start to realize directions, street names,…

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“Was I there? Did I have fun?”

Posted in Chik25

I just got back from a GREAT weekend with a group of girlfriends and their families.  Some of the families, we have been friends for years and others are fairly new to the fold.  During the weekend, we laughed and shared memories, both recent and in the past.  During these discussion there was a phrase that kept coming up… “Was I there?  Did I have fun?” At first glance, I thought that the time has finally come. My girlfriends and I have now all reached the age where our memory is shit.  Yet, the longer I sat and reflected on…

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The Eye of the Beholder

Posted in SpaChix

I often need the reminder that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as we often overlook many “beautiful” aspects of life. While we may fret over a new wrinkle, we haven’t thought about the many laughs we experienced to achieve that wrinkle. That wrinkle is well earned! It’s just like my oversized Ralph Lauren flannel shirt I bought in Jackson Hole thirty or more years ago. It’s torn, frayed, and stained, but to me it’s beautiful. This shirt has been with me on many travels, been my comfort during tough times and provides me with a feeling of…

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That time of the month

Posted in luckychix22

Well, here it is again. My time of the month to write something for 30chix. And again I’m at a loss. My mind goes 10,000 mph during the day, millions of stories, ideas and thoughts wander around my head at all hours. Then I sit at the computer to write my next post and those ideas/thoughts go quiet. I believe they hate me. I could write about how boring I am, oh! did that already. I could write about my dogs — been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I could write about my family and the issue I have…

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My Trip to the Gym

Posted in ChickTwenty

Do you ever have those days when you just wake up ready to tackle the day? You have a running list of all the things you need to do that day and you are ready to knock them out immediately? Some of you wake up like this every single day. I do not. But on this day, I did. I put on my gym clothes, grabbed my purse and ran out of the house. I didn’t even wake up my husband to say goodbye, as my plan was to complete my list before he woke up. On my way to…

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Rainbow Flags

Posted in FreedomChik18

When I came out to my Dad, it was perhaps, the most beautiful coming out story I’ve ever bore witness to. And it was all mine. A gay human’s dream of love and acceptance. I watched it play out before me like a moving drama film. My Dad looked, with kind eyes, at the scrunched up mess of wrinkles my shame formed on my freckle splattered forehead, and spoke unwavering, “I had no idea. I thought you grew out of it. Be who you are. I’ll do anything to help. I love you.” I curled up in his words like…

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I have some tattoos but I want to get more.  Allllllll over my body.  But I’m also scared of what people will think of me.  Why are tattoos viewed at as a sign of lack of intelligence and unprofessional? Obviously some people get graphic tattoos, such as a naked woman or inappropriate words/phrases.  I completely understand why people look down upon those kinds of tats.  But if I wanted to get an ~inspirational~ saying on my arm, who the heck are you to think that I’m less of a professional than you?? Someone once made the comment to me that…

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