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Keeping A Distance

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What do you think?  Do long distance relationships work?  So many people . . . so many opinions!  As you are pondering this question, only evaluate long-distance dating…not marriage.  That is a completely different conversation and deserves much earned respect.

Here’s my story:  For the past nine months, a wonderful friend and soul-mate of mine moved away.  Boohoo!  He really believes a long distance relationship can work, I do not!  Residing in two different states with thousands of miles between is like eating empty calories.  Good for the quick moment of conversation, video chatting, or texting.  But it really leaves me with a lingering sensation that Skype, Gmail, and text messaging are my real boyfriends, (Not to mention the male voice of Seri . . . we won’t go there now). Virtual relationships in my experience are very difficult.

Here is my reasoning:

1.      Scheduling:  Try scheduling a date with someone in different time zones.  By the time you are ready to settle down for the day, you have a two hour+ time difference.  One of you is too tired or distracted to give full attention to the other.

2.      Physical Touch:  There is nothing like having someone hold your hand, kiss your neck, or move the wisp of hair from your face.  If you have a relationship with someone, that is a true benefit of being a “couple”.   Kissing with magnified lips on a cold screen just does not do it for me.

3.      Dates:  Sharing beautiful moments in person are like filling an empty cup.  It takes way more time trying to establish context, true color, smells, body language from a distance.  So much effort!

Believe me, I have tried. At a distance, one must be creative.   In fact, there are apps for that.  The “Couples” app in particular is one used to keep us close.  Check it out if you are interested

This app was designed just for those couples who want to stay in touch and it does help!  There are special emoticons, drawing apps, private pictures/video, and my favorite… the thumb kiss.  You can see your partners thumb print on a white screen and place yours on top and the phone will vibrate. Yes, that is a thumb-kiss.

Please let me know what you think!  I would love a definitive answer to this age old question!

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