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Date archive for: January 2016

My Secret Obsession

Posted in chick'nmiddle15

It all started so innocently . . . I was on Christmas vacation, bored at home, with nothing going on. I did it once, then one more time, and now I hate to admit that I am hooked. I never thought I’d be one of those people. I mean, I looked down on them for years. Now I am doing it every spare chance I get, over lunch, at night, on the weekend. Okay, okay, I’ll admit it here among my chix – I am a Dog: The Bounty Hunter addict! I can’t explain why I am so into this…

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Spaces and Places

Posted in Chika12

Lying in savasana while trying to calm my mind, I heard her say – “Breathe into all of your physical places; let your breath expand awareness of your mind spaces”. I used to spend hours at night, while trying to fall asleep, imagining my classroom. What was the best way to accommodate 36 desks in small groups along with my book cases, computer desk, TV stand, teaching podium, and large metal storage cabinet, while still being able to move around the room quickly without bumping into anything? And then, I would spend hours on the weekend or get to school…

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Christmas Is Canceled

Posted in chik11

Let’s just say that I’m happy the holidays are over. I’m sure many of you have stories to share…and so do I. Why do we put pressure on ourselves to create the perfect holiday season? I have three children – ages 17, 15 & 12 – and for some reason, they weren’t excited about the holidays this year and neither was I. I’m sure it was a combination of things. The kids are getting older, they have bigger “wants”, we weren’t having family in town this year, etc. The day came when it was time to drive out to Babbitt…

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Just A Click Away

Posted in McChik10

Happy New 2016, How’s everyone year going so far. My getting organized resolution has just bit the dust. Last minute again, maybe next month. Sorry Justachick1 🙁 Recently I was chewing the fat (chatting) with a high school kid, as an assignment for one of his classes he was designing a poster with computer components on it. Inevitable the question of “what was it like in olden times” came up. Usually I’ll say I don’t know because I’m only 25 and dyslexic…… But this time because he was genuinely asking about how we survived without modern, on demand, always there technology and…

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Keeping It Real

Posted in chikntender9

It’s just a little white lie. Fib. Exaggeration. A bit of fiction. Honestly, it could just be called total bullsh_t. How easy it is to say what you think people want to hear versus what you really are thinking or feeling. Whichever word/words you use to describe the name for the response you give to someone, at any moment, on any given day, when you don’t want to say what you’re thinking is still, well, wrong. My auntie, God rest her soul, thought differently. Years ago, I attended a family reunion in Bay City, Michigan and had a chance to…

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The Movies

Posted in Gr8fate

I LOVE going to the movies. I enjoy watching movies at home, but nothing beats being in a dark, cool theater and having an entire wall where I can focus my attention, forget my problems, and eavesdrop into someone else’s life. The previews, (I hate to admit) are one of my favorite parts. I’ve been known to get goosebumps as they begin and the lights dim. Being early is a must or the movie going experience isn’t complete. The first showing is preferable so that I still have the time and energy to accomplish weekend chores. After I get my…

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Posted in C7

Grace is something that I don’t seem to possess much of. When I think of someone who’s graceful, I think of a woman who’s dressed in pastel colors, soft spoken, speaks only well thought out ideas or comments and someone who can wear high heels without sounding like a horse is stomping down the hallway. About a year ago, I challenged myself to become more graceful. I mean come on, I’m too old not to have a little bit of grace in my repertoire! I have little reminders of Grace around me at all times. I have a little bottle…

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New Year, New Me

Posted in starchiksix

So, I’m trying this new thing for 2016. Learning patience, to be kinder and losing some weight. Blah blah blah. Same ol’ crap. But this time. I started before the new year thinking it may help jump start some new year freshness and good juju. Good idea, right?! Nice try, starchiksix. Nice try. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got off to a fantastic start. I lost 3lbs in the last 3 weeks. I have increased my water intake. I only eat veggies at lunch. Moving around more. I’m eating smaller portions but come 5. I’m shoving my face with whatever protein filled…

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The Other Woman

Posted in Chic#5

This is my life… I’ve never really understood the female species. Granted, I am a woman, and most times I don’t even understand myself, but I could never quite “hang” with the girls. I believe it all started back in high school…girls were so mean. The name calling, fighting, bullying, stealing each other’s boyfriends, excluding girls because they weren’t “cool” anymore, they wore ugly clothes, they didn’t smoke…the list is endless. And, while I was never a direct victim of this “cattiness,” I never understood the world of drama and why it had to be that way. The individuals I…

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