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Date archive for: January 2016

2016 Ideas

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1.) Get Certified in CPR. a. Did you know that your town has classes that you can attend for very little cost? This year I know of two very special people in my life who had to step up for their loved one and perform CPR until Paramedics showed up. If not for them, these people would not be alive. 2.) Get Certified in Animal CPR and Distress. a. My town also provides a Certification Class for residents who are interested in learning animal CPR, how to do the Heimlich on an animal, and what to do in other emergencies…

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Christmas Reversals (3chickstothewind’s Husband).

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Our largest concern on Christmas Eve used to be whether we could get all of the gifts assembled between the time the children went to sleep, climbed out of bed, over and over again, and finally went to sleep. There had to be milk, and a bite out of the cookies, and batteries, and we would have to check that the video camera was plugged in and charged. We would open the doors slowly, and pad around the house in our stockings, looking out for the squeaky floorboards. Now our biggest concern is getting the kids assembled on Christmas Eve.…

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Off the Hook

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I am really glad that I’m not justachik1.  There is a certain amount of pressure associated with writing the first blog of the year.  I’m sure she did it beautifully or hilariously or probably both.  That said, I have spent a lot of time letting this blog marinate.  There is something about the approach of a new year that makes me want to write something particularly brilliant, something that will inspire change in the lives of the millions of readers this blog will reach. Alas, this morning as I was having my coffee I read Seth Godin’s blog.  Even the…

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Keeping A Distance

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What do you think?  Do long distance relationships work?  So many people . . . so many opinions!  As you are pondering this question, only evaluate long-distance dating…not marriage.  That is a completely different conversation and deserves much earned respect. Here’s my story:  For the past nine months, a wonderful friend and soul-mate of mine moved away.  Boohoo!  He really believes a long distance relationship can work, I do not!  Residing in two different states with thousands of miles between is like eating empty calories.  Good for the quick moment of conversation, video chatting, or texting.  But it really leaves…

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