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I have some tattoos but I want to get more.  Allllllll over my body.  But I’m also scared of what people will think of me.  Why are tattoos viewed at as a sign of lack of intelligence and unprofessional?

Obviously some people get graphic tattoos, such as a naked woman or inappropriate words/phrases.  I completely understand why people look down upon those kinds of tats.  But if I wanted to get an ~inspirational~ saying on my arm, who the heck are you to think that I’m less of a professional than you??

Someone once made the comment to me that they think tattoos are “stupid” and “trashy”.  Excuse me, but that’s rude!!! Keep your negativity to yourself while I love my tattoos.  My tattoos are a part of my body, part of me!


I think tattoos are beautiful.  Sorry if that bothers you.

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  1. luckychix22

    I finally broke down and got one on my left wrist, that is visible when wearing short sleeves. I have had many top execs of major companies compliment me on it and gave me hope that its not seen as such a bad thing anymore. Just do it! 🙂

    January 18, 2016
  2. Luckychik13

    I always swore I’d never get a tattoo. Then, after my sister died I decided to get one to honor her memory since tattoos were her preferred art form. Now I have one on my ankle for her, one on my wrist for my first two four-legged kids, and one on my forearm in memory of my mother. I’ve decided my next tattoo will be a celebration of life – I just don’t know what it will be or where I will put it.

    Don’t apologize for your tattoos – wear them with pride.

    January 17, 2016

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