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Working Moms

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Working mom or stay at home mom –

That title probably elicits some kind of feeling for most of us, mother or not. For me it is a mixture of guilt, inadequacy and anxiety. Like I need one more thing to help me feel that way…

I think if you are a mom, you are a working mom. Period. Some of us stay at home and some of us go outside of our home. There are good and not so good in both arenas. Each has its own ups and downs. Both types of mom are EQUALLY important to our children.

Church tells us to stay at home. Education advocates for more present parents. (not just moms, but if you are like me, it feels like a pointing finger…) And to get by – live in a decent house, eat, have transportation – many moms HAVE to work.

We work hard for our families at home and outside home. We nurture and protect them. Our children are our lives…

I am a teacher. I have 5 kids. I was working in schools before I had kids and after they were born. I have been told that I am not doing my kids justice if I do not stay home with them. But what about that student at school who needs that love and attention he doesn’t get it at home, whatever the reason may be. I would not be doing my students justice if I am not loving and nurturing them. Maybe I, as a working mom, can make a difference.

I have been in a position that I HAD to work to help support my family. I have also been in the position that I was able to stay home.

Through all of that, I discovered I am NOT a good stay at home mom. I need interaction with others. My kids are loved and for the most part good kids who seem to be turning out fine… I feel I need to be at work to help make a difference. I have lots of love and nurturing to give to my students who need it AND those who don’t – And, can’t we all benefit from a little extra love and nurturing??

I have a friend who is a GREAT stay at home mom. Her kids are loved and for the most part good kids who seem to be turning out fine… She now comes into school and she also provides some extra love and nurturing. She wants to make a difference.

Who is the better mom? WHY do we have to compare?? Why, as moms, who LOVE our kids can we not support each other as a MOM and help nurture others.

There are plenty out there who say it has to be one way or another, plenty to make us question our abilities. Yes, I can do better. I have many daily reminders of that.

Working mom, Stay at home mom – Our kids need us, at home, at school out in the community. It takes a village – right? We have lots of love and just want to make a difference. And we SHOULD!

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  1. Katie

    I am not a parent, so I’ve never had to make the “should I work or should I stay at home” decision. I do believe, however, that happy, well-adjusted kids are brought up by happy, well-adjusted parents. It’s important for a parent – moms especially – to be their most authentic self. It’s up to each individual to determine who they truly are (not the church, not society, not anyone else), and to live in that truth regardless of the label others try to stick on you. It sounds to me like you made the right choice for you and your kids – and for all those kids who are in your class.

    January 27, 2016

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