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Date archive for: February 2016

Cirque Du Tequila

Posted in ChickNorris29

Going back to December on this one, I want to make a shout out to justachik1’s blog on “the Mighty Tequila.” That shit’s no joke. Not long ago I was the maid of honor in my cousin’s wedding in Cancun. If you have ever been a maid of honor and had to make a dreaded speech in front of everyone, you can understand my immediate need for tequila after it was over. The anxiety was lifted and I was free to drink a little too much the day after….no more maid of honor duties! So, I went to the bar…

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Major Fits

Posted in olechik27

I am so embarrassed. I had less composure than a 3 year old. I am sure I won the BIG MOY award with this!! Here’s how it went… Our mornings start the same (well…mostly!) I get up, get ready and then I get the rest up to have breakfast and get ready for the day. So… we did that. About the time all the kids came up, well, that is where it all went wrong… The kitchen was still a mess from the night before so I asked for help. Oops! One kid has to go. He’ll be late for…

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No More Pill Popping

Posted in chix2six

We were created with the capacity to heal ourselves from the physical to the mental, as well as the spiritual. We are three part beings, and when one aspect is out of whack, we have all the tools needed to bring ourselves back to a centered, peaceful existence. There are no quick fixes when it comes to true health, it is more of a process that takes time and dedication to ourselves. Well being will never be found in the bottom of a pharmacy bottle. I grew up as an asthmatic with horrible seasonal allergies and the annual bout of…

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Phenomenal Woman

Posted in Chik25

Every once in a while a gal needs a pick me up….   Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size. But when I start to tell them, They think I am telling lies. I say, It’s in the reach of my arms, The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I’m a woman. Phenomenally. Phenomenally woman, That’s me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down to their knees.…

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Posted in SpaChix

Are you familiar with the decades old speech that has become infamous in the hospitality industry titled “Think Strawberries”? The author, James Lavenson, was the President of Plaza Hotel and delivered this speech to the American Medical Association in 1974. This expression keeps popping up –there are still so many relevant takeaways to be learned from this piece. The bottom line of the speech is creating a grassroots effort in your business and getting all the staff involved in your overall goal whatever that is – whether increasing sales, attracting new customers, etc.  This includes the waiters perfecting the art…

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My Perfect Husband

Posted in ChickTwenty

Everyone loves my husband. It’s actually quite annoying. Like his father, he has an innocence about him that most find endearing. He has the most beautiful way of bringing humor to uncomfortable situations. I find his methods to be both adorable and infuriating. For example, I hear this story all the time. He was back-sassing his mother in the car when he was in high school and she lost it. She told him he was a son of a bitch, to whom he replied, “Wouldn’t that make you the bitch?” She busted out laughing and he never got in trouble.…

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Sisters are the coolest thing!

Posted in SpartyChick19

Yes, I know I’m late for my writing. It has been quite a week with a surprise call from my Mother in law that my Father in Law had become very ill and we all needed to get to California as quickly as possible! Of course, my husband was on business in Colorado and I was at home in Arizona and the rest of the family was in Tucson. So Monday night, the frenzy of phone calls began of figuring out the logistics to get to southern California. Rather than leave you hanging as I get to the point of…

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Welcome Home

Posted in FreedomChik18

When compelled to disappear for a solo hike, I do it. I’ve come to understand there is an all knowing part of me, pushing me in the best direction, and all I must do, is let go and honor it. I’ve been asked many times why I hike alone… Here’s my anthem: I walk into the thick of trees, their whispered chorus of “Welcome Home.” A deep, sighing breath swallows my lungs. My fractured pieces show up to be massaged; loyal pups I’ve left too long. They’re trained to meet me here, on the dirt, under the soles of my…

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You are….

Posted in frickachik17

Words of encouragement to get you through this week:   You are smart!!! You are beautiful!!! You are a rock star!!!!! You are intelligent!!! You are hilarious!!! You are kind!! You are loving!!!! Your body looks BANGIN’!!!!!!! You have awesome ideas!!! You DON’T need to shave your legs!! That greasy hair can wait until tomorrow!!! You are strong!!! You are a total badass!!!! You are courageous!!! You are successful!!   You are a BOSS ASS BITCH, girl. Keep kicking ass.   Love, frickachick17

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The Sleep Story

Posted in chick'nmiddle15

It all started when I purchased my new mattress. I had spent weeks looking around at different reviews such as leesa vs casper and I finally found one that I thought would be best for me. A couple of weeks later, I got an activity tracker as a free gift. You know, those digital bracelets that keep tabs on your steps, sleep, etc.? So I downloaded the free app and put on the bracelet. Worked like a charm. I walked down the hall and quickly checked my wrist. Cool! Back to my office and smiled as I saw the count…

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