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“Frankly” Speaking…Serendipity Happens

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“Vital lives are about action. You can’t feel warmth unless you create it, can’t feel delight until you play, can’t know serendipity unless you risk.”
― Joan Erickson

Serendipity, duplicity, God’s plan, magical, or the cosmos? Whatever it is, it is happening to me these past few weeks. Grab a cup of coffee and listen to this story . . .

One of the top romantic movies is “Serendipity”. The chance encounter. The instant connection. The familiarity of a stranger. Yes, I love the thought of destiny bringing two souls together. It’s the same for most of us, I imagine. Deep down in a woman’s core, we crave this type of a personal storyline that wakes the inner soul. A life force waiting to break free, suddenly emerging with a giant, deep breath, and a beaming smile.

For me? It all started with the name “Frank”. This name keeps popping up over and over again in weird, random ways in my life. At first, just coincidence . . . or so I thought. Now, it is just plain ridiculous!

Am I receiving messages from the “other-side” about someone named Frank? Some unexplained repetitions keep emerging as of late related to this name and I don’t know what to think! Follow along and see if you too can determine any other explanation for this interesting phenomenon taking place within the last few weeks.

WEEK 1 – It Begins

1. It all started when I was wading through the muck of an online dating site and met someone called “Frank”. He was super nice, respectful, and intelligent. We discovered we both shared a similar professional background, connections with others, and were just akin to many ideas of what life should look like. He impressed me. The one unique thought I had at that moment was how unusual it was to meet someone with the name “Frank”. It is just not that common of a name anymore. That was it. Just a small inner, “huh”!

2. Went to work the next day and mentioned to a coworker that I was chatting with “Frank” and he seems to be a nice guy. Nothing unusual about this, but then…

3. An hour later I receive a call from a friend who needed a personal reference and asked if I could help. “Of course”, I told her. She thanked me and then proceed to say, “The guy calling you is from California and his name is Frank.” Just a quick . . . “Huh!” That’s odd. The name Frank appears twice in one day. At this point, we can just say it is a coincidence.

4. A few hours later, a fax arrives from “Frank’s Auto Detail”. Ok, now it is just comical.

5. Frank from online continues to text and at this point we are now “dating”. All day long, I am seeing Frank’s name on my phone. No big deal, right?

WEEK 2 – It Continues: But nothing too weird!

1. Someone will randomly bring up the name Frank in a casual conversation.

2. Frank and I are constantly going/doing things together. This might be going somewhere. I shared my Frank phenomenon with him and he believed it to be a sign. Not me. I was beginning to like him, but at the same time, I just did not see a true connection. However, I truly tried. Again, he was such a nice guy!

3. I recently started a new position in sales – my first sales quote is for a “Frank” in PA.

WEEK 3 – What the…

1. I check into my hotel for the night and was surprised by this crazy, amazing room! I had to share it with someone so immediately I called my mom and Face-Timed on the balcony. Wow! What a view! Holding out my phone and scanning the horizon, we noticed someone relaxing on the next balcony over. I called over to say hello. After a few minutes of chatting. I asked what his name was . . . and of course, you got it, it is “Frank”. Who, by the way, was listening to Frank Sinatra at the time. My mom proceeds to say with a confused voice, “Is that YOUR Frank?”

After hanging up the call, Frank and I shared a glass of wine as two strangers, yet, we both sensed some peculiar connection. Almost a familiarity as if we had met before. Throughout our conversation, Frank kept saying things like, “Who are you?” as if to say, “Where did you come from?” I just shrugged it off as if I just made a fantastic new friend, whose name just happened to be Frank.

2. This new Frank so generously invited me to an event. When we arrived, he pointed out that they were serving “franks”. Which, by the way, was catered. Who caters hot dogs???

3. I shared this “Frank” repetitiveness story with a coworker and friends. Now, the name Frank has randomly appeared on their phones. One friend was searching for my name in their contacts list and the name Frank appears under my name. By the way, I do not have a f-r-a-n-k in the spelling of my name. Crazy, right??

WEEK 4 – Right?????

1. Frank from the balcony and I live in two different states and parted ways physically. However, the story continues as we seem to have this crazy romantic connection and have talked and communicated since. All of a sudden, we both are feeling a renewed sense of beauty, love of life, simplicity matters, and feeling just plain lucky to have met.

2. I was driving home from a long work trip and listening to my music. All of a sudden, the song I was listening to stops . . . the Frank Sinatra’s song “Just In Time” begins to play. At that very moment, I look up to see a billboard advertising Frank Sinatra Jr.’s performance the following day at a local casino. Now it is just creepy!!

In the movie Serendipity, when destiny tried to bring the two souls back together, the name Sara kept appearing in this similar fashion . . . a person called Sara appeared on a roster, the song “Sara Smiles” is sung, etc. This type occurrence is my reality, right now.

Now that you read my story, what does it all mean? Is serendipity real? The mystery of Frank continues … Whoever or whatever is trying to say something . . . I am now listening!

“Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.”
― Emery Allen

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