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Major Fits

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I am so embarrassed. I had less composure than a 3 year old. I am sure I won the BIG MOY award with this!!

Here’s how it went…

Our mornings start the same (well…mostly!)

I get up, get ready and then I get the rest up to have breakfast and get ready for the day. So… we did that.

About the time all the kids came up, well, that is where it all went wrong…

The kitchen was still a mess from the night before so I asked for help. Oops!

One kid has to go. He’ll be late for early bird. Another has a hair dilemma so, no help. The other two moan and complain and FIGHT about who knows what and who should have to do what… I am running around trying to pack up, clean up, eat and get to work. Oh and it is also garbage day…YAY!

Needless to say it was a crazy – not helpful morning.

I asked for help and got fighting and moaning and lots of pretending they didn’t hear.

So –

We are finally on the way and I am bringing cupcakes for my class. Since I have my hands full, I again ask for help. I got it. My kid takes the bag with the cupcakes in it and throws it, upside down in the car, with his backpack on top!! Yup! I can scrape the frosting off the lid and re-frost when I get there…GRRRR!!

I throw a total fit that rivals any two year olds in the car on the way to work. That was a fun ride!!

We get to work and all get out. I insist on getting it ALL myself because of course it has all been messed up so I might as well just be the martyr of the day – right…

I have cupcakes in one hand, purse, lunch and coffee in the other. I have a workbag that has a handy handle and wheels.

I continue my ranting and raving all while telling my kids I CAN do this all myself…I reach to pull the handle up and proceed to DUMP my coffee down my leg and fill my shoe…F***ing GREAT and ouch!!

Well – I let loose a string of profanity and continue my rant only to look up and see that less than two feet away is a parent that needs to talk to me about a family issue.

I wanted to shrink away and die! He told me what he needed to and, I, KNOWING that he heard and saw EVERYTHING – apologized for my behavior. Not only to him, but even my kids – Stellar parent of the year!! He simply looked as me with a kinda half knowing smile and said “I hope the rest of your day goes better.”

My kids tried to help again…Humbled, wet and embarrassed I still refused and walked into the building with my head low. I am sure the student will be transferred out by tomorrow and DFS at my door by noon.

That parent came and got the child as he had talked about earlier and stopped me as I tried to apologize yet again and just said, “I hope your day gets better”.

Ugh! I am so embarrassed to have acted that way and said what I said.

My kids have shaped up and help now – well a little and that parent, while I am still embarrassed – Just smiles and tells me to have a good day!

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