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No More Pill Popping

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We were created with the capacity to heal ourselves from the physical to the mental, as well as the spiritual. We are three part beings, and when one aspect is out of whack, we have all the tools needed to bring ourselves back to a centered, peaceful existence. There are no quick fixes when it comes to true health, it is more of a process that takes time and dedication to ourselves. Well being will never be found in the bottom of a pharmacy bottle.

I grew up as an asthmatic with horrible seasonal allergies and the annual bout of bronchitis.  I used an array of inhalers over the years, as well as pills to assist me with my breathing.  The inhalers, I learned early on, had very unfriendly side effects.  I would get the shakes that would last an hour or two and feel light-headed.  It wasn’t until my late twenties, when I was advised to be on a daily inhaler for the rest of my life, that I started asking questions.  Administering a drug with unsavory side effects for the rest of my life seemed unappealing, unwarranted, and unsettling.  In a nut shell, it just didn’t make sense.

Fast forward a few years, and I have kids of my own.  Bring on the fevers.  I diligently administered fever reducers immediately at the first signs of the elevated temperature, and continued with the doses sometimes for days.  Then one day I started thinking, humans have had fevers as long as they have been around.  I know for certain, people survived fevers well before there were Walgreen’s on every corner.  So why do I give my kids this harmful substance for a natural healing process?  I realized I was trying to appease society, and play by the mommy rules that I was surrounded by.  Now, I realize how beneficial a fever is, and it is how the body rids itself of harmful viruses and bacteria.  My children get the pleasure of fully experiencing their fevers, which helps them learn what it is to be sick.  They sleep a lot, drink water and homemade broth, and lay low with wet towels on their head and feet for the duration.  Their symptoms aren’t masked and I have learned that by treating the child and not the fever, the illness passes much quicker.

Our bodies are amazing, and given the right tools, we can do amazing things with them.  It kills me to see people looking for health answers with a prescription.  As a popular meme states, “The pharmaceutical companies don’t create cures, they create customers.”  It is challenging at times going against the social norms for healthcare, but finding true health personally and for my kids is worth it.



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