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Sisters are the coolest thing!

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Yes, I know I’m late for my writing. It has been quite a week with a surprise call from my Mother in law that my Father in Law had become very ill and we all needed to get to California as quickly as possible! Of course, my husband was on business in Colorado and I was at home in Arizona and the rest of the family was in Tucson. So Monday night, the frenzy of phone calls began of figuring out the logistics to get to southern California. Rather than leave you hanging as I get to the point of my story about sisters, I will say that my father in law in in a solid recovery mode and had a horrible batch of pneumonia, that we hope will convince him that those horrible cancer sticks can be a thing of the past… a story for another article though. Good job Fred!

So, back to SISTERS!

So first of all, as all moms do when plans are suddenly turned on end, we go call on our posse of sister friends for help. We ladies are good at this..Guys, not so much. First call to my mom. Can you guys stay with the kids. I’ll leave a list of events you will need to get them to and by the way, Christian has a bug, so I’ll leave the medical cards too, so you can take him to doctor if needed,.too. Second call, my husbands, ex-wife. Here is what is going on with Dad…Yes, we have a great ‘sister wife’ relationship… Heading over tomorrow morning. Won’t be able to get the girls this week. Cool..Cool.
Third call, my sister. Hey, Kel, hopefully, we will make it back by Friday and Belle needs a drive for the Daddy-Daughter dance Friday night.. Of course, she was all over that including shoes and new hair band.

Ok, all calendar events covered…but here is the real cool thing about what happened the last few days. My Sister-in-law and I would make the Thelma and Louise drive from Arizona to California to see her Dad. We’ve known each other for 10 years, but with her being in Tucson and us in Phoenix, just haven’t spent that much time together. Well, nothing like a 6 hour drive on the I-10 to get to know someone and find out you really, really like them!

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