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Are you familiar with the decades old speech that has become infamous in the hospitality industry titled “Think Strawberries”? The author, James Lavenson, was the President of Plaza Hotel and delivered this speech to the American Medical Association in 1974. This expression keeps popping up –there are still so many relevant takeaways to be learned from this piece.

The bottom line of the speech is creating a grassroots effort in your business and getting all the staff involved in your overall goal whatever that is – whether increasing sales, attracting new customers, etc.  This includes the waiters perfecting the art of selling strawberries to guests as an after lunch treat.

A large part of the speech includes picking a focus, communicating it to your people and staying on message. Your focus can change over time, but it really comes down to your people rallying around the cause.

We all have goals we are trying to reach throughout the year, but for 2016, what are your strawberries?


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