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That’s My Boy

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Recently while chatting with a friend we got onto the subject of our kids. Her daughter had got into some trouble at school, nothing serious just some silly stuff. And, this got me thinking about my son – my wonderful, handful of a son. So I thought I’d share one of my his finest tales.

When my son was 4 years old, we enrolled him in preschool. He went there Monday to Friday. Three days a week he would be there till around noon, the other two he would stay there all day to around 2 pm. My husband and I worked full time so I would drop him and his sister off in the morning and my dad would pick them up from.

My son, being the youngest, would always be out of “class” a few minutes before my daughter. So, after picking up his coat he would play on the climbing frame and they would both wait for my daughter. I mean they had a good routine. But like all good routines just a small bump in the road and everything can go to hell….

So one day while my son was on the climbing frame, my dad thought, to save a little time he would pick up my daughter’s coat, avoiding the usual traffic jam of 5 year old’s in the coat room, and he could be on his way. And that’s what he did. He went and got my daughter’s coat. He was out of my son’s sight for less than a minute.

Now, in that minute, my son looks up and no papa. So in his logical little mind the best thing he can do is go meet my papa at his car. So off he trots to meet my dad, but low and behold no papa!!!! Again in that logical little mind the best thing he can do is go find his papa, I mean he’s got to be around somewhere.So up and off he goes, and I remind you he’s 4, he crosses several busy streets, he walks past a railway station. In fact he walks about one and a half miles before he stops to have a look at the river below the bridge, along another very busy stretch of road. And here at last he meets a nice lady who takes him to the fire station.

Now by this time, as you can imagine, my dad is a little frantic not only about losing my son but perhaps more so because he has to tell my mother that he has lost my son. You had to know my mother she could make worry and panic an Olympic sport. She calls me and I can hardly understand her she is in such a panic! So I leave work and head to my sons school. This was before cell phones so I don’t know what’s happening I’m just heading to the school. By the time I get there my son has been returned from the fire station to the school and he’s fine. Better that fine he got to go to the fire station, he got to ride in the fire truck, he got soda and chips so the boy, he’s happy as Larry. But the teacher she’s not happy! My husband and I have to go and speak to the principal the next morning. Like we planned for him to go walkabout!!….

So my husband and I head to school and get a stern talking to. The school can’t have children wandering off! The school takes its responsibility seriously! You have to talk to your son about staying in the school grounds. But funniest of all was when we learned that when his teacher had tried to explain to the whole class how serious it was that he had wandered away, and how dangerous it was that he had wandered off. What had the class learned from this situation my son, my star of a boy, his hand shot up, bobbing in his seat with excitement….. He knew the answer to this question….and he explained to the whole class that what HE had learned when you get lost was… get chips and soda, and get to ride in the fire truck.

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