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Date archive for: March 2016

Silicone Valley

Posted in ChickNorris29

Southern California can be a difficult place to grow up for a chick. The weather is great and everyone hangs out at the beach all year. Pool parties and lake parties and river parties are always going on, and girls always in bikinis. As I got older, I realized how many of those girls had big fake boobs………and although some of them looked good (Not ALL of them) I vowed NEVER to get fake boobs. The naturally beautiful girls always rocked my world, and I was always proud to remain “natural.” Now bear with my on my rant about small…

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So Hard to Say Goodbye

Posted in thatchik30

So late last fall, I made the decision that my boys needed a pet. I wasn’t sure whether we would go for a dog or a cat but I thought it was time. My husband wasn’t thrilled about it but I think he went along with it, assuming that my ADHD would kick in and I would be off to the next project. Wrong! One night while scouring local rescue websites for the perfect kitten, I stumbled upon a photo of a beautiful Russian Blue mix whose name was Olaf. I immediately completed an application to adopt him. The next…

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The Lanyard

Posted in luckychik13

I have always processed my emotions through my writing. Recently in my creative writing class we read the poem The Lanyard by Billy Collins. The piece below is my response to the poem.   A difficult truth to face is that there is virtually nothing we can give to our mothers that will suitably recompense them for all they have done for us. No lanyard, no plaster of Paris handprint, no coupon book of hugs is ever equal to all that our mothers do for us. I’m not saying that our mothers don’t appreciate these gifts – they do. But…

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Stream of Thought

Posted in chix2six

Read an article by a mom about her 12 year old daughter getting a kik account. I was educated that day, once again, at how I fear my kids growing up in THIS world. Saw a very cool science fair project about making cookies with differing types of sweeteners. Why didn’t I think of that when I had to do my damn science fair project? I “invented” the spoon straw. I convinced myself that no one had invented that before in hopes that they never got a Slurpee in their lives. My house is messy because I don’t like how…

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Posted in SpaChix

“There are no guarantees in the arena. We will struggle. We will even fail. There will be darkness. But if we are clear about the values that guide us in our efforts to show up and be seen, we will always be able to find the light. We will know what it means to live brave.”  – Best-selling Author Brené Brown If you are like me, you have been hearing a lot about author Brené Brown for years – since her highly viewed TedX Talk on vulnerability took the Twitterverse by storm.  I wanted to experience her presence firsthand and…

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Old Lady Bullying

Posted in ChickTwenty

Before you go making assumptions that I am going to tell you how young chicks, such as myself, bully old ladies, I can promise you, this is not what this post is about. Quite the opposite, actually. “Daisy” is in her 80’s, just under 5 feet tall with a head full of white hair. My first encounter with Daisy was my first day on the job. I walk into the Breakroom to grab a cup of coffee and I notice that the coffee pot was about to overflow. I quickly grab the pot, move it out of the way and…

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Bucket list

Posted in frickachik17

I’m really struggling with what I want to write about this month so here’s my bucket list instead:   Skydive (cliché, I know. Also, I’m terrified of heights but oh well.) Meet Johnny Depp (do I even have to justify this???) Adopt a child Live on the beach (hurricanes, scary. But it’s the beach. Sunshine.) Live in the mountains (literally in the mountains. Preferably a secluded shack.) Hitchhike across the country (no, mom, I’m not actually going to get into a strangers car, but it sounds like a cool adventure…..) Noodling (aka hillbilly-hand-fishing. 100% redneck but 150% badass.  Look it…

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I wanna hold your hand

Posted in FreedomChik18

She was shaking. Fidgeting with angst over her upcoming surgery. The preop bay is filled with others like her; cold hands with nothing to grip but the rails on their stretchers. I understand the calm, aloof lack of attention from the medical team as they flurry around. She is just a routine in their life, but she’s the partner in mine. I lace her fingers in mine, palms pressed together so tightly, I could feel her heartbeat. The shaking lessens as the apprehension eases in her eyes. Why is there so much power in the holding of hands? An extensive…

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This morning, as I was getting dressed, I noticed a big bruise on my knee. What the hell had I done to myself now? I wracked my brain to remember where I got it and finally the answer came to me. My son had built himself a blanket fort in his room and I had crawled in to check it out. Thinking about it more, I did remember a second of pain, but then it was gone and I forgot all about it. What struck me more than anything was the realization that the momentary pain could lead to something…

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