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For The Time Being

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Go. Go. Go.

Do. Do. Do.

Rush. Rush. Rush.

I feel like my mind is always going and that I’m always trying to accomplish something. Whether it’s something at work, a clean house, a stocked fridge ….every day, it’s something new to check off the list.

But lately, my heart has been hurting because my rushing around has caused me to miss out on something that I’ll never get back, and that’s quality time with those I love.

My son will be grown before I know it, and I didn’t snuggle with him because I had to get down stairs to make snacks for the next day or to prep for a meeting.

I couldn’t go to bed with my better half, even though he asked many times, because I had to stay down stairs to empty the dishwasher or vacuum or whatever it was that I had to check off my list.

Now don’t get me wrong, my lists keep me organized and structured, but there’s going to be a day in the very near future when I’m going to have time to snuggle with my son and he’s going to say, “Really? I’m a little too old for that mom.” And I will have missed my window and it will never come back.

So for the time being, I’m going to enjoy every precious moment that I have. I’m going to enjoy those late night chats with my better half. For the time being, I’m going to soak up all the little joyous moments; I won’t always have them at my fingertips.

Our lives our ever changing, so for now, I’m going to enjoy things exactly the way they are.

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