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“O” to Music…

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This is my life…

Do you ever notice when attending a sporting event, or even watching one on TV for that matter, music is always a key component.  In-between periods, during a referee pow-wow, commercial breaks, when the team sprints onto the field at the beginning of a game, or when a baseball player approaches the plate to swing the bat, the music is playing and the wave of energy among players and spectators is reverberating throughout the stadium.  Why?  Why is music such an integral part of the sporting world….probably an easy answer…to get everyone PUMPED up, adrenalin flowing, game face on….

Why then, should sex be any different?  Do you realize how many calories you can burn during an intimate rendezvous that lasts 30 minutes…up to 200+ calories depending on position and whether or not you are a moaner (

I have to admit ladies, I like to have sex…wild, crazy, fun sex, and what better way to have mattress mambo than to some adrenalin pumping, hot, suggestive music?!  I mean seriously, my imagination is running wild already.  My iTunes list has an entire folder dedicated to “sex” music.  The “right” song can set the mood, help you forget the stresses of the day, and motivate you to stay awake (which I have to admit is difficult at times after a long day at work, gym, and kids), to have one eventful evening in the bedroom, one that definitely requires a rating that is not on the G, PG, or even PG-13 scale.

There is actually research out there on this very topic…”Researchers from McGill University found that listening to music prompts the release of dopamine, the “feel good” chemical in our brains that also gets released when we reward ourselves with food, sleep and, of course, sex…Another study from the same university found that listening to certain kinds of stimulating music increases our signs of arousal, including our heart rate, breathing rate and skin conductance.”

In fact, they found that filling our ears and minds with the perfect song during “exercise,” will actually “narrow our attention to the physical activity task at hand (this could be the same for working out)…and when we’re able to focus solely on our movements because we are sufficiently distracted from feeling tired and achy, the duration and intensity of our work out may also increase, which will certainly improve our mood.” (This One Simple Thing Could Make Your Sex Life So Much Better, Elite Daily, Alexia LaFata).

If you google search “sex music,” you will find yourself staring at lists of songs, put together by the masses, on lyrics that “get them going…” But I guess, at the end of the day, a sex playlist is really a very personal thing.  Different tunes, notes put together, meaning behind lyrics, affect people in different ways.  For example, I was recently having a discussion with a friend on this very topic, and when she told me Phil Collins’, “In the Air Tonight,” was her go-to song for love making, I had to scratch my head…really…to each is own I guess.

Having said that, I figured I would add to the endless fornication lists that exist on the World Wide Web – my own personal contribution.  Take it or leave it, but just thought I would help my fellow 30chix who may need a little extra “oomph” in the bedroom.

  1. Rihanna. “Skin.”
  2. Christina Aguilera. “Sex for Breakfast.”
  3. Beyonce. “Haunted.”
  4. Hanna Ruiz. “Crazy in Love.”
  5. Ginuwine. “Pony.”
  6. Cassie. “Me and You.”
  7. My Darkest Days. “Porn Star Dancing.”
  8. Beyonce. “Partition.”
  9. LL Cool J. “Doin It.”
  10. TLC. “Red Light Special.”

Enjoy the workout…until next time…

…this is my life.





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  1. ChickNorris29

    I’m downloading these now………thanks for the tip! Just the tip………haha

    March 15, 2016

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