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Old Lady Bullying

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Before you go making assumptions that I am going to tell you how young chicks, such as myself, bully old ladies, I can promise you, this is not what this post is about. Quite the opposite, actually.

“Daisy” is in her 80’s, just under 5 feet tall with a head full of white hair. My first encounter with Daisy was my first day on the job. I walk into the Breakroom to grab a cup of coffee and I notice that the coffee pot was about to overflow. I quickly grab the pot, move it out of the way and replace it with my mug. There I was one hand with the filled pot and one with the mug- a vulnerable statue waiting for the coffee machine to stop dripping when in walks Daisy.

“Wow! Someone was in quite a hurry! You couldn’t wait like the rest of us?” Confused, I explain the situation, thinking, she will definitely love me. I am a coffee pot hero! I saved the counter from a mess!

“Do you need me to teach you how to use the coffee maker?” Confused once more. Maybe this adorable little old lady is hard of hearing, poor thing. I loudly explain that I didn’t run the coffee in the first place. She nods and winks. What?! Now I am a bit defensive. I explain that I was a server and know how to brew a cup of coffee.

“Ooooooh. I didn’t know we hired a fancy server as a sales rep. I hope you sell better than you make coffee.” Alright, Bitch. Now it is crystal clear it shall be war between us. *Cue the dramatic Phantom of the Opera music*

There was the day I decided to wear my cute new bright purple heels with my purple dress. I am speaking with a coworker at her desk when Daisy walks by and declares,

“Wow! Those shoes belong in a strip club, not an office.” I stare for a moment and proudly say thank you. I panicked! I wasn’t ready! But I’ll be ready next time.

And then the time that I needed a refill on water, which is of course in the Breakroom. When I walk in, I quickly notice it is just Daisy and her partner in crime, “Jessie” (taller, light-haired woman in her 60’s). I walk past them in my gray dress, red heels and straight hair. Man, I was waiting for some comment about my red heels. Bring it on, Sister! I am ready this time! While watching some news channel, Jessie tells Daisy,

“I cannot believe women leave their hair straight. It’s just so cheap and trashy looking.”

Damn it. I wasn’t expecting it from Jessie. Nor was I expecting a hair comment. Jessie normally attacks another young woman in our office, not me! I turn and look at them, while still filling up my water. All eyes on me. No words. What am I supposed to say? Insult their old lady hair? I just walk out.

About two weeks ago, I am walking around a corner at work and I almost run into someone. I say “Pardon me!” and we both giggle. I continue around the corner only to see Daisy literally wait by (you guessed it) the Breakroom. I think she was waiting to block me from entering the Breakroom. Jokes on her! That’s not my destination. I keep walking and as I get closer to walking by the Breakroom entry way, she steps right in front of me.

Listen Chix, I am in a happy place. I am not here to start trouble. But if you could picture a little white-haired Shitzu protecting its territory, you can imagine what I was viewing. Today is not my day to take down Daisy. I simply say, “Man I’m almost running into everyone today. Excuse me.” I continue walking past her. I am about 6 steps past her when she yells,

“It must be that wide load you’re carrying around!” I am in utter shock. Did this bitch just call me fat? Ladies, I know I grew an ass for the first time in my life this year (see Quarter-Life Crisis post), but damn! I’m still fairly fit. I turn around and look at her. She simply smirks and walks on her way.

Normally, I am the best at insults and arguments. But I cannot summon the words to insult an old fart like Daisy. I just can’t do it. But I will, the day is coming. My patience has been stretched to the limits.

Daisy has won countless battles. But I assure you, I will win the war.

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  1. C7

    Wow, that’s terrible. She sounds terrible. I have 101 smart remarks to offer up, but it’s work and it’s your reputation, so it’s one place you don’t want to lose your cool. Maybe a little remark like “wow, your remarks are uncalled for and very rude. Im sorry you’re so bitter and hateful, that must be a terrible mindset to have to live in everyday.” Or I’m going to look into our company policy for harassment, I’m positive that your remarks and actions violate several.”

    I’m sorry you have to endure that treatment, she needs to go.

    March 22, 2016
    • ChickNorris29

      True, C7. Very true.

      April 4, 2016
    • ChickTwenty

      I’ve been working on this one for a while… “Can you imagine the positive impact you could have on others if you said nice things instead?”

      How can you argue that right?! Thanks for the compassion, C7!

      April 4, 2016

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